Story Book lunch baby shower

Story Book Theme Lunch Baby Shower

On our 15th wedding anniversary, my brother and sister in law gave us the best present.
A new baby niece named Adilyn Joy.
A little over a week later, we came to celebrate this new little one with a storybook baby shower.

Adi joins her 21 month old big sister Bri in the family.
She's the 13th girl cousin born in the past five years.
This after a 25 year long streak of only boys!

This child has LOTS of hand me downs, and my sister in law felt like she didn't really need more baby stuff, just an opportunity to come together and celebrate this new life.
As any mom knows, you can never have enough books, so that is the theme that we went with.
And boy was it fun!

It all started with these custom library invitations.
The full tutorial can be found here.

library catalog invitations

I used the print and cut feature on my Silhouette for most of my projects.
A print and cut tutorial can be found here.

I was able to google most of the images that I used and saved them in my pictures to be used in my Silhouette software for the decorations.  
A tutorial on how to use any image with your silhouette can be found here.

We had Jack and Jill water,
Once Upon a Time straw flags
and Pinkalicious punch

We had a "Guess How Much" guessing game to see how many Hershey's kisses were in the milk bottle.

guess how much I love you

 The dish ran away with the spoon, so we only had forks and knives!

dish ran away with the spoon

It was a beautiful day so we were able to enjoy my in-laws back patio.

I found this Humpty Dumpty for $1 at a garage sale.
I think he was a great addition to the decor.

It was fun pairing food with the books.
My sister in law Esther did an amazing job with the food.

We had a Little Red Hen bread and cheese plate

The Three Little Pigs pigs in a blanket
three little pigs in a blanket

Peter Rabbit crudites and The Very Hungry Caterpillar fruit salad

peter rabbit crudites and very hungry caterpillar fruit salad

Green Eggs and Ham sandwiches and deviled eggs
green eggs and ham dr. suess sandwiches and deviled eggs

Eloise finger sandwiches
eloise finger sandwiches

and Goodnight moon PB&J
goodnight moon peanut butter and jelly

 I used an old nursery rhymes book, tore out the pages {no book is safe around me!}
and made book covers {4x7} to hang as a banner.
I cut out stars and small ribbons to hang on the banner as well.

No party is complete without a dessert table

baby shower desserts

We had Goodnight Moon Pies
good night moon pies

A selection of "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie" cookies
if you give a mouse a cookie dessert

And Blueberries for Sal blueberry crisp that my mother in law calls blueberry yumble.

It was quite the spread!

The best part about waiting until after the baby is born for the shower 
is that the guest of honor gets to join you!  
Here is sweet Adi with Grandma.
They have the same color hair!

We played a few book themed games and enjoyed the company and the sunshine!

The winner of the games took home Mary Mary Quite Contrary flowers

Here is the new mama with a little help from big sister.
Opening up books for the new baby.

No book themed shower is complete without bookmarks.
Each attendee went home with one to remember the day.
I also made custom book plates for the little lady.
It's always nice to open up the book and see who the book is from, 
even if it is just a handwritten message inside.
book theme baby shower book plates and custom book marks
We had a fantastic shower and a beautiful day!
We are so happy to welcome little Adi into the family!


Erin said...

Awesome shower, I love this theme so much!!

Lisa Lewis Koster said...

What a great theme! I loved the way you linked your refreshments to books :)

Traci, said...

I love this shower idea, it's perfect. I used the same library slip cards too for a book exchange I hosted several months back and loved them. What a great shower idea!

Karen said...

What a great idea! You made such a memorable, unique party for your new niece. Love all the special books/foods. I will definitely remember this!

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