21 Camping tips, tricks and hacks

These pictures make it seem like we are a camping family. We are not. We call this faux camping. 
faux camping for a kelty photography shoot
On two different occasions we have worked with local photographer Stephen Matera on two separate campaigns for Kelty camping gear. The funny thing is, we don't camp. We only "camp" with the safety of a photographer nearby and we NEVER spend the night. What are you crazy?! 

We have heard though that there are families that enjoy camping. I know that summer is a popular time to pitch that tent and spend the weekend in nature, so if that's your thing, I have gathered 21 camping tips, tricks and hacks just for you. 

all you need to know to make camping go smoothly

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Enjoy your time in that tent. I'll stay right here in my nice warm bed!
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