Easy to Make Customized Wedding Date Pillows-a personalized gift idea

We've started off wedding season with a bang here at our house. It's been a real honor to get to spend the day witnessing and celebrating the union of couples that are made stronger because they are together. It's also been fun creating and crafting some fun wedding date pillows. It's a fun and easy gift to make for the happy couple and it will take you under an hour.
Wedding date pillows a personalized wedding gift idea using the silhouette cameo and experssions heat transfer vinyl

It all started with a trip to Ikea. I found these blank pillow covers for $4 and the down pillow inserts were less than $5, making the gift cost under $10 to make. You will notice that I only used the grey cover for one of them. I will explain how I created the other one. Just in case you don't have an Ikea store close by. The white pillow cover will be making it's debut in another post you aren't going to want to miss!

I spend a lot of time looking at the couple's wedding invitation. The font they use on the invite is probably one they hand selected, and if it wasn't, it was something that drew their eye in.

This couple used their initials in their engagement photo shoot so I did the same thing when I designed this in my Silhouette software and cut out my heat transfer vinyl. If you need a tutorial on how to cut and use heat transfer vinyl, you can find one here.

Reverse and weed the image and then iron it on.

I also looked at the couples wedding registry. They had selected grey in a few of their items, which is why I went with this grey pillow cover.

Wedding date pillows a personalized wedding gift idea

I had decided to use the white pillow cover for another project, but I did have this dark grey king size pillowcase on hand. I cut it down to size {15 1/2x 15 1/2} to cover a pillow form that I had bought at a craft store.

I sewed up the edges, leaving one edge open, and ironed on the heat transfer vinyl before I inserted the pillow form and sewed the pillow shut.

For this pillow, I actually purchased a design in the Silhouette store. It was far easier for me to do that than it was for me to design the whole image myself, though it's totally possible for you to do in the Silhouette designer software. Usually, I end up googling my friend Melissa's blog {Silhouette School} and following a tutorial of hers. She's a genius.

Wedding date pillows a personalized wedding gift idea
It doesn't take long, but creating these personalized gifts are fun and the couple will treasure them long after their wedding day. Plus also, they like it when you slip in a check too. 
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