DIY Cotton Stems from Pistachio Shells

I love bringing natural elements into my home. It's even better when I can give them a handmade touch. The farmhouse style has taken us all by storm and when I was visiting Magnolia Market a few months ago, I saw these gorgeous cotton stems that I regretted not buying. Then, while eating some of my lemon pucker pistachios I saw all those shells that I was just going to toss and thought that they just might make some pretty great DIY cotton stems. And might I say, they did! I simply love how these turned out and they are a fraction of the price if you were to buy a cotton stem from the Market. I'm excited to show you how to make them.
farmhouse style, magnolia market

I started by gathering some sticks that I found on the ground while walking home from school. The best sticks to use are ones with several branches.

Then, I gathered my pistachio shells and some cotton balls and was ready to set to work.

farmhouse style

Step 1: use hot glue to glue two cotton balls together and then glue those two balls together creating a cluster of four cotton balls.

Step 2: using hot glue, glue one pistachio shell on each of the four cotton balls

Step 3: place your finger in the center of the cotton ball cluster and open it up

Step 4: add a drop of hot glue in the hole that you created and insert your stick. Squeeze the cluster together adding more glue as needed to gather the shells into the center close to the stick.

use pistachio shell and cotton balls to create a cotton stem

You now have a completed cotton stem.

Create as many cotton stems as you want and use them all around the house.

pistachio shell, farmhouse style, magnolia market

farmhouse style

I think these look pretty authentic. Who would have thought that they were made from dollar store cotton balls, sticks from the ground and pistachio shells?

how to make a farmhouse cotton stem with pistachio shells

Now go and create your own! If you need a reason to collect some pistachio shells don't forget to try one of my favorite recipes
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