Master Bedroom Makeover in a Historic Mansion

In case you missed it, we've been following along with a young couple as they rehab a historic mansion in small-town Indiana. The home was built in 1871 by Bright B. Harris, a scout for the civil war. I introduced you to Dea and gave you a little bit more information in this post

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You can see the beautiful rehab of the foyer in all it's glory {even decorated for Christmas} here

historic home, rehab addict, fixer upper

A few weeks ago, we were able to take a step inside and see the update of their living room. While they were removing the wallpaper, they found a little surprise that changed the whole design of the room. Come see what they found and how they incorporated it.  It's genius actually.

fixer upper, rehab addict, historic home

Today, I want to take you inside this couple's master bedroom. With Victorian doll wallpaper and floral carpet, I am curious to see how Dea could look past the dated decor and see potential, but she did and the final result is amazing!

The previous owners really seemed to like painted walls, borders and wallpaper but thankfully, Dea has an eye for design and has been able to incorporate some beautiful color and design while still keeping the integrity of the historic home.  

Here's a little side by side of the before and after. It's hard to believe that it's even the same room!

The first step was to remove the wallpaper.  The home has 14 foot tall ceilings and the couple realized pretty early on that owning their own scaffolding would be a good investment. Actually purchasing your own isn't as expensive as you might think.

Last month, Dea helped provide tips for removing wallpaper two different ways.  Before removing the carpet, the couple painted the walls. The carpet acted like a drop cloth so they weren't worried about paint spills.

Before the couple moved into this home, Dea has started work on a quilt that would end up in the master bedroom. I don't know many people under the age of 80 that quilt, but Dea makes me totally want to start!

She also wanted to jazz up a plain duvet cover and pillow shams by adding grosgrain ribbon to them. She had a little help from her pup.

The couple was making progress and working on various furniture placement. The challenge with tall ceilings and large rooms is that furniture can get dwarfed quite quickly and look off scale.

Another challenge with older homes is storage space. Most historic homes don't come with large master closets like we have grown accustomed to. Dea switched out the small settee for this armoire which has a nice grand scale to it and serves to function as a wardrobe for her husband Christian.

I love the way all of the colors blend together in the bedding. The coral with the navy blue is amazing in this space but the real show stopper is that quilt. 

Let's take a closer looks at the pattern and the fabric in the quilt. Seriously, doesn't that make you want to start quilting?

The chalkboard sign that the ring bearer walked down the aisle with at Dea and Christian's wedding has handles on it and has now become a tray on their bed. 

chalk art, wedding, ring bearer

Every room needs a cozy nook for a cup of tea.

Isn't this just the most lovely space?

One more before and after. I am swooning! Another job well done Dea.

In case you missed it and want to check out the other rooms that have been redone, you can find the
foyer here and the sitting room here. Pretend you are sitting in this chair sipping some tea so that you can catch up on what this couple is doing to make their historic mansion come back to life.

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Lynn Fern said...

Wow...what a gorgeous home!! I love the quilt a lot, the colors are fantastic!

Edie said...

What a beautiful old home. Congratulations to the young owners. What a transformation.

p.s. lots of young people quilt! :)

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