How to Refresh Flowers From the Market and Make a Bouquet Last for Weeks

I don't know if it's just me and our area, but I can usually find a farmer's market with a nice big bouquet of locally grown flowers for around $15. Sometimes, I can find them for far less from one of my local farm stands. I like to treat myself every once and awhile with some fresh blooms but after about a week, I find that the flowers are starting to wither and die. That doesn't mean all of the bouquet has died and I hate to waste live greenery, so I wanted to show you how I refresh that bouquet to make it last for at least a few weeks.
refresh flowers from the farmers market

Here is my most current bouquet before and after. All of the flowers have died and are starting to look sad and even the greenery is looking a little sad and droopy, but it's still green and just needs a little refresh. My peony bush is in full bloom, so I took advantage of that and cut some stems for a new bouquet. I think the after looks pretty darn fresh. I bet you wouldn't have guessed that it was a week old.

So here's how you do it. I lay out my new flowers and my old flowers on the table.

I sort out the old flowers into dead stems and stems that are still fresh and living. Toss the dead ones. I take my clippers {I love these} and clip off the ends of the stems I want to use to get rid of anything that might be starting to rot. Plus, you want to let your greenery have a fresh end to suck up new clean water.

I gather my greenery in my hand and do my best to shape it and make it look pretty. Then I add it to my vase with fresh water. After that, I start adding my flowers where I think that it needs color. It's as easy as that.

Doesn't it look beautiful! I love that I can refresh my bouquet in just a few minutes. 
peonies, flowers, farmers market

Plus, who doesn't love having fresh flowers around the house?

make an old bouquet look fresh again in minutes

Next time you buy a bouquet and the flowers die, don't toss the whole thing. Refresh it! You can make an old bouquet look fresh again!

make an old bouquet look fresh again in minutes

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