Anything's Popsicle Foiled Sign for Summer

Ever since I got a sample of Thermo Web Deco Foil at Snap conference, I have been foiling all of the things. I love it and simply cannot get enough! You can use the foil to create just about anything. Today, I created this little sign of summer that says "anything's popsicle" and I want to show you how you can make one too!

deco foil anything's popsicle summer sign

 You will need:
Thermo Web foil
Double Sided Adhesive Vinyl
Thermo Web adhesive pen {optional}

I started by creating a design in my Silhouette software. I hadn't used the double sided adhesive vinyl in a few years so I had to relearn how to use it. The biggest tip is to make sure that your machine cuts all the way through to both sides. You want to end up with essentially a sticker. The back will be sticky and you will put that down and then the front will peel off and that part will be sticky too.

Peel off the back of your design and place it on your cardstock where ever you want it. Leave the front sticky part still on your design until you are ready to foil. Once everything is in place, peel off the front protective coat of your adhesive vinyl and roll out a piece of deco foil that is just slightly bigger than your project. Rub the foil down. You will start to see the outline of your project. Then, you just peel the foil up and you are finished!

If you want you can jazz up your design a bit with the deco foil adhesive pen. I used mine to create little fun confetti around my Popsicle. Do this BEFORE you foil so you can have it pick it up at the same time. If you don't, it's not the end of the world. Just go back and put your foil where ever you need it to go. It's so easy!

Doesn't it just make you want to foil everything?

deco foil anything's popsicle summer sign

What's on your list?
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