Backyard S'mores Bar with Free Printable Gourmet S'mores Menu

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I'm kind of a big fan of S'mores. I like dessert of any kind, but if you can make it with toasted marshmallows and melted chocolate, you have got yourself a winner! With the school year winding down, I am soaking in as much family time as I can before my oldest son heads off to college. Sometimes I have to bribe them with things like dessert, but I am shameless and happy to stoop to that level if it means that we can get the whole family in one place for a few hours.

I created this customized S'mores menu with some family tested recipes that are sure to be hits at your next backyard S'mores bar. We all love the classic S'more, but why not try a S'more with a twist?

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I picked up a little charcoal grill at a garage sale recently. We haven't had one since we were in college and we found one in the dumpster outside of our first apartment. We have been sold on the gas grill since because the main downside of a charcoal grill is that it takes FOREVER to light and heat up.

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Not anymore!

With the HomeRight Electro-Light Fire Starter, you can light your charcoal grill {without chemicals} in 2-3 minutes.

It uses super high 1300 degree heat to ignite and has it's own built in blower to get those flames glowing. It was impressive!

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I gathered up all the supplies for our gourmet S'more menu and the kids started lining up!

smores menu printable

backyard gourmet s'mores bar with charcoal BBQ grill

We used the charcoal grill like you would a fire pit and the kids got the best golden brown marshmallows.

toasted marshmallows and free printable menu

You can get the S'more Menu here.

These are the S'mores you will find on the list. All of these are family tested and approved! You might even find one you like better than the classic.  Or you might not.

The Classic S'more

Graham Cracker//Chocolate//Marshmallow

the classic smore

Nutty Buddy S'more

Graham Cracker//Peanut Butter Cup//Marshmallow

nutty buddy s'more with a peanut butter cup

Salted Caramel S'more

Ritz Cracker//Caramello//Marshmallow

salted caramel smore with caramello and ritz crackers

White Raspberry S'more

Waffle Cookie//White Chocolate Truffle//Raspberry//Marshmallow

white raspberry Lindt truffle on a waffle cookie smore

Dark Raspberry S'more

Waffle Cookie//Dark Chocolate Truffle//Raspberry//Marshmallow

dark chocolate Lindt truffle on a waffle cookie s'more

S'more Cookie

Chocolate Chip Cookie//Chocolate//Marshmallow

chocolate chip cookie s'more

Fudge Cookie

Fudge Cookie//Marshmallow

fudge cookie s'more with Keebler elf fudge cookies

Gather up the kids, print off the S'mores menu and take some time to create a backyard S'mores bar. I'm sure your family will love it as much as ours did. You may even try a new kind of S'more that you love!

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What's your favorite S'more combination? Maybe you've tried one that I haven't.

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