DIY Didn't I Think of This Sooner! The Easy Way to Get Rid of Dog Hair in your Car.

There are times in my life when I wonder, why the heck did I not think of this sooner! Please tell me that I'm not the only one! This literally happened to me last week when I was cleaning out my car. Our golden retriever Sophie likes to go with us in the car where ever we go. In fact, if I say let's go for a walk, she usually runs towards the car because she would rather drive anywhere than go on a walk! But, our big hairy animal sheds. A LOT. And her nice blond fur gets left on all of the dark surfaces of my nice new mini-van, so something had to give. Either the dog had to stop driving with us as co-pilot {not going to happen, look at that face}, or I would have to find out a better way to clean that stubborn dog fur out of my car. I think I found the solution and it left me wondering why I didn't think of it sooner!

furminator helps to clean dog fur out of car

Today, I took my daughter to school and let the dog tag along. The car had been vacuumed and cleaned a few days prior so the dog fur you see in the car now, is the fur that she left on our short 20 minute trip. We do have rubber floor mats, but it doesn't seem to help. The fur gets everywhere! Even getting out my vacuum cleaner, the fine dog hair grabs on to the interior carpet of the car and won't get sucked up.

Have you heard of the Furminator? The Furminator is a deshedding brush that has these fine metal teeth and a sturdy plastic handle. I decided that if it worked to help pick up extra fur on my dog so that she sheds less, then maybe it would work to pick up the fur that had already been shed.  It did!

cleaning up dog fur in the car with a furminator

Simply take the Furminator brush and drag it along the carpet.

cleaning up dog fur in the car

Look at all that fur it picked up! I do this now before I vacuum the car out. That stubborn hair wouldn't get picked up before and now I can virtually remove any sign that our dog has been in the car with us!

cleaning up dog fur in the car
It's so easy! If you have a dog that sheds you can thank me later. Go try it now though and see how much fur it picks up. You won't believe how clean your car will be!
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