Scrapbook Paper DIY Signs

Sometimes when I lack creativity, I head to my local craft store and start to walk the aisles. It never fails that after a few minutes inspiration usually strikes. This time, I was inspired to create a few of those fun wooden statement signs that are popping up and being sold everywhere you look. I made mine using scrapbook paper and some mod podge and I love the end result.

DIY sign from scrapbook paper

You will need:
scrapbook paper {I used Project Life pages because they had squares that fit perfectly on my box}
wooden boxes {mine were $1.47 at my local craft store}
paint {I use Deco Art}

scrapbook paper from project life, unfinished wooden boxes and some mod podge and you can create a DIY wooden sign that is customized just for you

These boxes only needed one coat of paint so that was super easy. Make sure you paint the sides because you will see them.

After the boxes are dry, simply brush on a coat of mod podge and place your cut out piece of scrapbook paper down. Smooth out any wrinkles. I didn't mod podge the top. I could have, but I didn't. It just didn't seem to need it so it saved me some work.

Just like that the wooden boxes were done and ready for display around the house.

Shine Bright DIY sign from scrapbook paper

They would also make fun little gifts to give.

Oh Hello DIY sign from scrapbook paper

Don't you just love them? They were so easy and each box cost under $2 to make.

Shut the front door DIY sign from scrapbook paper
What are you waiting for? Go out there and create!
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