Small Box Turned Into A Custom Sign

It's gearing up for my favorite time of the whole year. It's nearly garage sale season! Is anyone else excited? I'm dying. I can't wait for Friday and Saturday mornings to be spent looking for good deals, future projects and other crap I just can't live without.

Last week, I got a little garage sale teaser when a random sale popped up just down the street. I stopped in and picked up a small wooden box for a quarter. I was thinking outside of the box {see what I did there?} and crafted a little handmade sign simply by turning the box on it's side, painting it and adding vinyl. 

Plus I added my new favorite, Deco Foil! I kind of want to foil all the things. Come on over and see how I made this. You won't look at a box the same way again!

You might look at this and see a wooden box. Heck, I did at first.

But once I turned it on it's side, I noticed a little lip on the bottom creating the perfect frame for a fun vinyl saying. Do you see it? So I slapped on a coat of paint and narrowed down what I wanted my new sign to say.

I love my Silhouette machine. If you don't have one, you seriously need one. If for nothing else than to cut out vinyl to create custom projects. It's a crafting game changer. You can find a great price on this starter kit with a whole bundle of supplies to get you started.

I used my favorite vinyl from Expressions Vinyl. I've never tried the glitter vinyl but I love it! I measured the space that I had and made a rectangle in my Silhouette design software. Then I found a font that I liked and the rest is history.

I used my transfer tape to transfer the glitter vinyl on to the box.

If you haven't tried Deco Foil yet, you totally should. It's my favorite new craft thing. I used double sided adhesive and cut that out on my Silhouette machine in an ampersand. I removed the back paper to make it sticky and put it on the box and then followed the directions for the Deco Foil.

easy to use gold foil

It was so easy. I promise, you will be obsessed! And then all the things in your life will start to get foiled.

you & me custom wooden sign created with vinyl

The best part about garage sales is stocking up on new supplies you can use for creating. Sometimes all it takes is to start thinking outside of the box.

I'm joining in with some other bloggers to share our Silhouette projects. Make sure you go check them all out!

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