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The weather is starting to warm up, which means that garage sale season is just around the corner. I love this time of year! I love going on the hunt for unique finds at a great price every Saturday morning. I love being able to see the potential in an item. Even if an item is slightly broken and being cast off in the free box or if it's a more common item that is just wanting for a new purpose, I love them all and keep my eyes out for just about anything!

As the weather warms, it also means that we are hosting more summer BBQ's and parties. I love creating my own decorative stands for cakes, pies and other food. Food always looks better when it's elevated and at all different levels and it gives you the opportunity to decorate all around the item and gives you more space to use for serving other food items too.

Today I want to show you how I took a few thrift store items {I'm still waiting for garage sales to start remember?!} and created an easy DIY pie {or anything} stand that you can use at your next gathering.

First, you start out with a few glassware items. It seems like glassware is a dime a dozen at thrift shops and garage sales, so you shouldn't have a problem finding something that you can use. I turn things over, stack and reimagine, but ultimately, I ended up with two glass sundae dishes {or maybe they were candle holders?} and two glass plates.

I brought them home, washed them off and scrubbed off the price tag. A little soap and water is all that you need.

Next, I used DAP ® RapidFuse™ All Purpose Adhesive to adhere the two glass pieces together. I love using DAP® RapidFuse™ because it dries clear and it sets in just 30 seconds. If you are using clear glass items like I am, you want to make sure your adhesive dries clear because you don't want to see a ring of glue on your plate. Finally, after you put a ring of DAP® RapidFuse™ All Purpose Adhesive around where your contact point will be, firmly press it in place. No need for extra force or clamps, just hold it in place and count to 30.

The adhesive cures in just 30 minutes and will be ready for your  party before you are!

The best part is, elevated stands like this help you to create more space. Space that is often lacking when you are serving a crowd.

Each pie stand cost around $2 to make and the project was created in less than an hour. That's my kind of DIY project!

I also like having DAP® RapidFuse™ All Purpose Adhesive around because you never know when you will need it. It's my all-in-one repair solution.

My 10 year old son is all boy. He is rough and tumble and he plays hard, which means that not only does he work hard, so do his shoes. He can't have anything holding him back or slowing him down. His play shoes have seen better days, and sometimes the heel starts to come loose. A little DAP® RapidFuse™ gets him right back out there playing so he doesn't miss a beat.

With three kids and a dog, accidents happen. Sometimes things get broken. A few years ago my oldest son went to Mexico with his grandparents. He knows how much I love taxidermy and in Spanish he negotiated to buy me this taxidermy cow head with horns for my birthday. It was such a sweet gift that I cherish, but it fell off of the lockers it sits on top of in our bonus room. I was disappointed when I saw that the horns had fallen off, but I quickly took out my DAP® RapidFuse™ All Purpose Adhesive and I got the skull put back together. It's probably stronger than it was before!

From making glass pie stands to fixing horns on skull heads or reattaching rubber on little boys shoes, DAP® RapidFuse™ will bond virtually anything to everything and it will give you the best end result on home repairs and DIY projects. It will quickly become your all-in-one repair solution. You can find DAP® RapidFuse™ at your local home improvement stores. 

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