5 Games Our Family Loves

We love spending time as a family, but the older the kids get, sometimes the harder it is to entice them to hang out with us. We usually suggest playing a game with them. Especially if we want to get the kids off of a screen and doing something with their brains. Usually, they start playing a game and hardly realize that the game they are playing is actually educational! I've put together a list of 5 of our favorite family games. These games are ones that we can play over and over again and not get bored with. They are also great games to play for all ages. The fun spans from 8-80 years old! Maybe one of your family favorites is on the list. Or, maybe you will find a new family favorite. Who knows!

game night, board game, card game, family time, educational

5 Of Our Favorite Family Games

game night, board game, card game, family time, educational

1. Monopoly Deal

While we all love playing Monopoly, we also hate playing Monopoly. You start a game and you are committed to hours of play at the table and to be honest, nobody has time for that! We all love Monopoly Deal. It's a quick card game that is easy to take with you on the go or to set up at your kitchen table. It's easy to learn and it's easy to teach. After a round or two you will be an expert.  This game is perfect for 2-6 players. The less people you have playing, the faster the game goes though so keep that in mind! The goal is to collect three complete property sets.

2. Taboo

Taboo is a game that I played when I was a teenager. In fact, we have the older version that sometimes seems a little outdated {the kids have to skip on some of the people and words {Y2K anyone?}}. So invest in this newer version of the classic game you grew up with. The goal of the game is to get your team to guess the secret word without using any of the obvious clues. See how many words you can get your team to guess before the time is up. 

3. Guillotine

Another card game, another family favorite. People of all ages have fun playing this quick game of strategy and luck. Each round has 12 nobles lined up for the Guillotine. The nobles are worth different point values. You can play action cards to help rearrange the order of the line and collect nobles with the highest point value. The person with the most points at the end, wins. While this game says 12 and up, my kids have been playing it since they were 8. It's easy to understand and a whole lot of fun to see whose head you will end up with in the end.  Adults and kids alike will love playing Guillotine

4. Bananagrams

This game is easy to play, easy to travel with and gets bonus points for being educational too! Players race against each other to create a crossword grid and use all of their letter tiles first. It's face paced, so younger kids may not like playing with quick thinking older kids, but it's a great game for all ages. 

5. Blokus

This award-winning game is easy enough for even some of the youngest family members to understand. The goal is to place as many of your tiles as you can on the board. You must have each of your colored tiles touching at the corner. It is a challenging thinking game that involves strategy. There is no reading involved and it doesn't require a lot of talking either. It's simple but very complex all at the same time. 

This is just our short list. We have lots more games that we love. We also love to find new games too. So let's hear it. What are some of your families favorite games?

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Anonymous said...

My kids loved a card game called Blink. For just 2 or 3, it is a quick game that matches color, number or shape. Another non-reading game, it helps us all the think quick-in the blink of an eye. Lots of fun.

mommajo said...

We have found a new game that everyone loves...Telestrations. each person gets a word and has to draw it, then it gets passed to the next person that writes down his guess of what it is then the next person draws what that person has guessed. Everyone has a sketch pad and when they go all the way around, you then look at the original word and see what everyone THOUGHT it was. It can be hilarious !!!

rachelteodoro said...

We've got blink! That was a fun one when the kids were younger. Like you said, non-readers need their own games that are fun for everyone! That's a good one too. So is slamwich. Check it out if you need a new one.

I will totally look into Telestrations. I have never heard of it but I think it would be a great one to add this Christmas. Thanks!

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