Fall-o-ween Silhouette Crafting with Vinyl and Paper

Halloween is just sneaking right up on us isn't it? I sort of drag my feet when it comes to decorating for fall because I love summer so much I never want it to end. Which is why it sort of surprised me when I pulled out my fall decorations and found that I had three big boxes in my garage. I guess I love decorating for fall-o-ween more than I thought I did! I also love picking up new supplies to craft with. This year, I went for a mostly black and white Halloween theme and used my Silhouette cameo to craft some fun new decor for my home.  I love that I can take plain items like this jar and the cauldron, add a little vinyl and create something one of a kind. 

witches cauldron, dollar tree eyes, DIY

I also made a new Halloween wreath with bats and ghosts that cost me under $5 to make! Come check out my full fall-o-ween projects and then hop on over to some other bloggers who are crafting and creating for fall with their Silhouette machines too.
Silhouette cameo, fall, vinyl

I picked up a work wreath form at Hobby Lobby for half off. It cost me $2.50. I honestly had never heard of a work wreath, I just liked the black tinsel and the wire form. I ended up finding out that these work wreaths are for using deco mesh. They make those full bubble like wreaths. I've never made one, which is why I had no idea what this wreath form was, or why the work tinsel I bought last year for 90% off was so sparse! It's made to secure items in place with the tinsel but for 20 cents, I thought, I would use what I had and make it work. I also cut out bats and ghosts from black and white paper. 

I used the tinsel around the wreath and did my best to make it look as full as I wanted. Then I took my ghosts and bats that I had cut out on my Silhouette and placed them around the wreath using hot glue to secure them in place. I had this black and white bow that I bought two summers ago at a garage sale for a quarter. I really like how it turned out and if you want to be exact, the wreath cost me about $3.50 to make {paper+wreath form+tinsel+bow}.

silhouette cameo, fall, decor, DIY

I also found this plain jar with the bronze lid at Target. They came in a two pack for $3. The black cauldron cost $3 and is from Target too. I found the huge gumballs in the clearance section from {where else...} Target.  I simply took a witch silhouette and cut that out in black vinyl and use some fun text to write the saying on the cauldron.  Click here if you want to learn to use vinyl like a pro.

silhouette cameo, vinyl, fall

I filled the witches jars with finds from the Dollar Store.  One of them has eyeballs, the other has bug parts. You know, just in case you need to follow a witch recipe and it calls for leg of fly or something!

silhouette cameo, halloween, fall, decor, vinyl

halloween, decor, diy, silhouette cameo

DIY, decor, silhouette cameo

I really like the personalized updates I was able to create with my Silhouette.

silhouette cameo, fall, decorations, decor

Don't forget to check out some of the other bloggers who are creating Silhouette fun in the fall-o-ween challenge.

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Unknown said...

Aw, these Halloween decorations are spooktacular and fun! I love how you can use the Silhouette to customize anything! And yay for Target having awesome supplies! :)

Megan@C'mon Get Crafty said...

Very cute, and just the right amount of spooky!

My Life From Home Blog said...

So cute! I love how they are "not too spooky" Halloween decorations.

Kati said...

I love the black and white theme for Halloween. And I may have bought a whole lot of those vases from the Target dollar spot myself :)

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