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This week, I've been sharing with you some of the projects that I created for the bohemian room that I revealed. I completed the whole room on a budget {under $135!} using a mix of new items and items that I thrifted or made. Today, I'm going to show you how I made a large statement art piece on the wall for only $2! I've always loved the look of a vintage map hung using a poster hanger. I'm going to show you how you can make your own for a fraction of the price!

vintage map, school room map, wall art, balsa wood, tutorial

I already had the vintage map that I bought at a garage sale. I'm fairly certain I had it hung up with staples in a child's bedroom before, but I found it and then stumbled upon something at the hardware store while I was walking the aisles that inspired me to take this ratty map and make it into a statement piece in the room. Come see how I did it!

vintage map, school room map, wall art, balsa wood, tutorial, bohemian, tribal

This is my view when I walk by this room every single day. I love looking in and seeing a map of the beautiful world that we live in. I think that it looks more finished with the DIY poster hanger that I made and acts as a real art piece in the space.

vintage map, school room map, wall art, balsa wood, tutorial, bohemian, tribal

Sometimes I just walk the aisles at the hardware store. You never know what you will see that will bring you inspiration. I was in the lumber aisle and wandered down by the fencing materials when I found a stack of very long balsa wood sticks. Balsa wood is extremely lightweight so I thought that it would be perfect for making a DIY poster hanger. I bought two of them and brought them home and in under ten minutes, the project was complete!

These balsa wood sticks are typically sold in packs. However, there was a pack that had been opened and the cashier priced them out for me at $1 each.

I rolled out my poster and used that to measure how long I wanted my sticks to be. I left a few inches on both ends to frame it and ended up only cutting off about a foot of the wood on both sticks.

These sticks were wide enough that they even covered up the large rip that I had in the map from a previous hanging.

I got out my hot glue gun and spread a layer of hot glue along the back of the balsa wood stick and I slowly unrolled my map pressing it into place. The balsa wood has these thin lines that run along it so I used those as a guide to keep my map straight.  I did the same thing with the bottom of the map, securing the second balsa wood piece in place.

To hang it, I simply took some twine and stapled it on the back to secure it in place.

vintage map, school room map, wall art, balsa wood, tutorial, bohemian, tribal

I just love how this DIY poster hanger came out and for the budget price of only $2, I think it makes a pretty great statement piece in the room.

vintage map, school room map, wall art, balsa wood, tutorial, bohemian, tribal
You could hang all kinds of posters and pictures in the same way. Think about making a large engineering print at your local copy store, or use a small poster to mount it and make your piece look like art. The possibilities are endless!

In case you missed it, you may also want to see the geometric bear string art tutorial.

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