The Decorating Secret You Might Not Know-How to Layer Rugs to Warm Up a Space

If you have wall-to-wall carpet in most areas of your house like I do, you may have never thought about adding an area rug. I can't begin to tell you what a difference adding a rug does to make a quick and easy change in a room. Not only does a rug warm up your room, it gives you that added layer of texture you never knew that you needed. It's almost like the decorating secret you didn't know about!

wayfair, rug, area rug, home decor, golden retriever

wayfair, rug, area rug, home decor

Our dining room is one of the first rooms in the home that you see when you open the front door. It's also one of my favorite spaces because I am a huge fan of Millwork. It may be because I grew up in a home that was built in 1860 and was chock-full of amazing finish work details, or maybe it's the clean white lines I like. I'm not sure.  Regardless, I love the columns and the wainscoting and the trey ceiling. However, something seemed to be missing. It's like putting on that special outfit for a night out and forgetting the sparkly earrings.  That one accessory pulls everything together.

I found this rug at I think it works to pull out all of the colors in the room and ties everything together giving it texture and warmth the room just didn't have before.

Since I love a good before and after, see for yourself how much warmer this dining room feels with the simple addition of an area rug. Nothing else has changed in the room. The rug is the only addition and yet it seems to make such an impact.

The colors from the items in my $50 hutch now seem to pop. Most of the items in my hutch are thrifted or gifted.

I have my milk glass collection

and my mom's pewter collection that she gave me tucked inside.

I honestly can't believe what a difference adding a rug has made but it feels like this room is finally complete!


If you feel like there is a room in your house that's just not all the way done yet, adding a rug might be the final trick to pull it all together. Give it a try!

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