EOS Lip Balm Easter Chick

As my kids get older, I'm constantly trying to find fun creative things to make for their Easter baskets. If you have a daughter, you know the obsession with eos lip balm. Why not add a few scraps of vinyl and create a cute little chick that will make an adorable addition to any spring basket. It's so easy and takes just a few minutes.

vinyl, silhouette cameo, lip balm,

EOS Easter Chick

vinyl, silhouette cameo, lip balm,

You will need:

EOS {this orange is hard to find in the stores, I know, I tried! Buy it here}
scrap piece of orange vinyl
scrap piece of black vinyl

I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out my pieces, but you could free hand them as well. After they were cut, I just stuck them on like stickers. I used hot glue to attach the feather to the top. That's it! 

vinyl, silhouette cameo, lip balm,

I think he's just about the cutest!

vinyl, silhouette cameo, lip balm,

Why not make one today! If you do, I would love to see it. Tag me {@msrachelteodoro} on social media so I can see what you came up with.

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Busy Bee Vinyl Creations said...

That little chick is just adorable!!!!
I going out to find some of those today!!!!
Thank you for the idea.
Kathy U:)

Kathy Ricci said...

This is so cute! What do you think about a bunny using the pink one? Any ideas how we could do that?

rachelteodoro said...

I think a bunny would be adorable! Maybe some vinyl for the face and felt for the ears so they stick up???

doodletllc@yahoo.com said...

So cute...but I thought you found an Eos Yellow Marshmallow Chick flavored lip balm...that would make the chick sheer perfection. :)

mckinney37397 said...

I saw a cream color at walmart and thought it would make a cute bunny

Unknown said...
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