Making Fabric Paper Clips for your Journaling Bible

I've been using my journaling Bible for a little more than a year now and I am getting more and more comfortable using it. I'm finding out what supplies I like best, what methods are my favorite and how I can make this creative time my own and grow in my walk. I have found that as I illustrate a page, the verse I'm working on gets ingrained in my brain because I am spending a different kind of time on it. I'm focused on it, reflecting on it and connecting the cognitive side of my brain with the visual/tactile side of my brain. And it's fun! One of the ways I like to look back on the pages I have been studying, is by putting fabric paper clips on the page. But not just any paper clip, a paper clip with a fancy ribbon helps me see where I have been studying and it helps me flip to a verse quickly. 

Plus, it adds another layer of texture to my Bible. If you remember, I already used washi tape on the first page of every chapter and I have loved how that has made it easier for me to flip and find things quickly when I'm studying or listening to a sermon. I just love how the different colored paper clip ribbons are adding so much color to my Bible as well. I'm going to show you how you can make these fabric paper clips to use in your journaling Bible or notebook.
illustrated faith, color in your Bible, dayspring, planner

Easy to Make Paper Clips for Bible Journaling

illustrated faith, color in your Bible, dayspring, planner


ribbon {I got mine at Hobby Lobby}
gold paper clips {you will hunt these down...just buy these, it's easier!}

Cut your ribbon to lengths of about 3 1/2" long. 

Fold the ribbon in half, thread the ribbon through the paper clip {make sure it's on the end of the paper clip without the two loops}, form a loop and stick the tail of the ribbon through the loop and give it a tug. 

I loved the free to flourish devotional kit that is new from Illustrated Faith this month. The stamps are probably always my favorite, but this one is my favorite favorite. I always start a page with the lettering. I letter in pencil first because I don't trust myself. Then, I used the stamps. 
I completed the page by coloring it all in with my absolute favorite brushes.
I put my paper clip on the top as a little flag. Now I can find the page again quickly and easily and it reminds me of where I've been. It's as easy as that!
I have had a few people ask to see what the whole Bible journaling process looks like for me and I must admit, it's a bit messy and sometimes scattered. I took a little video of myself journaling my favorite verse in Esther. I'm using a few different mediums, but most of my supplies came from the current Illustrated Faith Devotional Kits

This is where you can find a great selection of journaling Bible's. that I have and I love it. What a great Easter gift it would be for yourself or someone else who you think might love using their creative side to dig into the word. These are so much fun to make and so very simple. You can even use any kind of scrap ribbon you may have on hand. I would love to see what pages you are working on. Tag me on social media @msrachelteodoro so I can check out your latest creations.

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Sharon said...

Interesting how your photo shows the red and striped ones with the ribbon on the wrong end. Glad you inserted(?) the comment about needing the ribbon on the single loop side. Since I now read my Bible on-line, I won't be using this neat idea for journaling.

I am a teacher and plan on using your idea to help flag sections stand out with the different colored large paper clips (I already use). Wonder if my Dollar Tree has ribbon? Too bad I'm on bed rest for the next two days. I also need to pick up Petroleum jelly read about it in your 19 or was that 17 items to get from Dollar Tree!
Thanks, Sharon

JoDitt said...

Thanks for this tutorial. How do you get the ribbon to stay tied? Mine keep coming untied, even though I pull them up tight.

rachelteodoro said...

I'm sorry your ribbon isn't staying tied. I haven't had an issue. I wonder if you could add a little touch of hot glue at the knot to have it stay put. Give that a try!

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