Dr Pepper Float Recipe

Brought to you by Dr Pepper® and Albertsons Companies. 

If people ask me if I like sports, my response is usually, "If I know the people who are playing, I do." I started to watch football when I was in college. I had a season pass to the games and it was a fun time being in the stands with friends on game day. I even knew some of the college football players, so it was fun to watch my friends play and succeed out on the field. 

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When my son started looking for universities to attend a few years ago, a sports team was high on his list. There is something fun about rooting for your college football team even years after graduation, a sort of camaraderie that continues to hold generations together. My son attends a university that is located in the same town that Dr Pepper® originated. They do weekly Dr Pepper float parties on campus and celebrate often at tailgate parties with Dr Pepper. We may be 2500 miles away from him on game day, but we celebrate at home by watching the game {and hoping we spot him in the stands!} while sipping on a Dr Pepper float. These floats make a great game day {or any day!} treat and I've got the super easy recipe for you! 

tailgating, baylor, waco, texas,

Dr Pepper Float

tailgating, baylor, waco, texas,

It's easy to find the supplies for these Dr Pepper floats. I stopped at my local Albertsons and picked up everything I needed. There are only two ingredients and making these won't distract you from any of the exciting plays that are happening on the field.

You will need:

Vanilla ice cream
Dr Pepper

Start by putting a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream in the bottom of your glass. 

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Pour Dr Pepper on top and enjoy! It's as easy as that!

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Don't forget to have plenty of extra Dr Pepper to enjoy on game day.

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Right now when you buy any 2 Dr Pepper 12-Pack 12oz cans, 6-Pack 16.9oz bottles or 8-Pack 12oz bottles and text FANGEAR to 811811, you can get a $5 Fanatics promo code. Follow instructions to send a photo of your receipt to get a $5 Fanatics promo code. Find out more by visiting  www.GameTimeFanGear.com

Who doesn't need more fan gear for game day?

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Make sure you have plenty of treats to snack on and a ball to toss while you are waiting for the game to start.

tailgating, baylor, waco, texas,

It's easy to get ready for game day and I know you will love tailgating with these Dr Pepper floats.

tailgating, baylor, waco, texas,

Who are you rooting for this college football season? Whoever it is, don't forget to pick up Dr Pepper and take advantage of the Fanatics promo code to get some new game gear. While you are at it, make a delicious Dr Pepper float and root on your favorite team!


Angela LeMoine said...

This is my kind of party! Those floats sound so perfect and the table looks just perfect!!!

Two Healthy Kitchens said...

These are so refreshing and fun! Perfect little treat for tailgating and football parties! And thanks for the promo code, too!

Jane and Sonja said...

OK- it is about a million degrees outside today. One of these would go down really nicely right about now! Thanks you for the idea :)

Michaela Kenkel said...

We are a Dr. Pepper household!! It's crazy hot for Fall, isn't it?? These would have been so refreshing at our tailgate yesterday!

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