Rachel's Random Ramblings

So it's been awhile since I did a Rachel's random ramblings post. I think it's because my randomness has moved over to making Facebook live videos {if you missed them, you can see them archived here in the form of Wednesday coffee chats. I'm not sure if that's working though. To be honest, my coffee on the west coast is like afternoon tea on the east coast. I just can't get my poop in a group {think about it} to make it happen weekly. Main reason why... my hair. Yep, you heard me. I was literally planning the day I was going to shower and wash my hair around Facebook lives. Don't judge. So with that thought, I bring you the most current installment of Rachel's Random Ramblings {if you are wondering, there is a WHOLE drop down menu with those from years past. You can find it here.}

Rachel's Random Ramblings

I know I am way ahead of the game and it's probably even early for me, but I just placed an order for my Christmas cards. Snapfish had an offer for 75% off PLUS free shipping. I jumped on that bandwagon. Not to worry, no cards will be mailed until December. 

Of course they are photo cards....everyone sends photos cards now don't they? At least those people who actually send cards. The ones that just come with the photo my husband calls "proof of life cards." We really like Christmas letters, but we may be the minority. I wrote a post called "writing a Christmas letter that doesn't suck" and if you read it now, you can get a leg up and write that Christmas letter you've been meaning to write but always forget about it.  Then send me one. I love to get them in the mail.

Speaking of photos, having teenagers is hard. We had family photos taken this summer and we had to get twice as many photos as we normally would have because the kids all seemed to care about how their hair looked in one picture versus another. And no, it wasn't just the girl who cared. Jesus help us when it came to photos with multiple people. There is no way this side of heaven all five of us can look normal in a picture. 

I lived on this earth for 38 years and realized that I was folding fold top sandwich bags all wrong MY ENTIRE LIFE. You may be asking yourself, self, is there a wrong way to do it? Yep, the way I was doing it apparently. How in the world did no one correct me on this? I had no idea. 

I learned recently that adulting is when you spend more on your dog to go to the groomer than you do on a good haircut at the salon. But that it's totally worth it because no one wants to touch the underbelly of the dog or deal with what the groomer calls "her pants." No one.

We also learned that we can never sell our home. Ever. Mostly because we lost a guinea pig in the wall in our kids bathroom and practically had to saw it out of the cabinets. It was touch and go for a bit and we were starting to google "what does rotting guinea pig smell like" but after three LONG hours we unearthed the little rodent like baby Jessica from the well and it no longer gets floor time in the bathroom.

I helped one of my long-time friends with a huge DIY project this week. She had been talking about ripping out her driveway because the stamped concrete had lost it's color and had started to chip and crack. Over an impromptu lunch we made plans to meet the next day and stain the existing concrete. 

I'll have a full post on that later, but the lesson learned is, just do it. Do the thing. 

The driveway looks so much better and this was a DIY that two very inexperienced concrete stainers totally tackled. We learned a lot along the way, but really, the biggest lesson learned is that even though a job may intimidate you, just do it. Start it, move along and tackle it. It's probably not as bad as you think that it is.

I'm heading to Nashville next week. I love Nashville. Last week I was in Indy, it's kind of a midwest extravaganza. I won't have much time to explore the city because I'm there for a conference, but if you have any tips on things to see, drop me a line in the comments.

Speaking of traveling, this is the number one thing I always bring with me when I travel. Nope, it's not a travel pillow. It's way better. You will come off even the longest flight looking fresh and ready to tackle the next thing.

And on that, I'll end the randomness. Don't forget to check out the 10+ books I always recommend to my friends and 10 things I've learned with age. Pretty much 10 has been my number this week. Please tell me I wrote 10 random things...

What's random with you?

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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I think you've summed up why I never do video and rarely do photos. There's one from yesterday I think I may publish. It's all hoodie and rain though with only peeks of messy hair.

I'm not sure I've read your post before, but I love how genuine this post is.

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