Mixed Metal Mirror Duck Tape Wreath

Remember how gold anything made us gag like 10 years ago? Now I can't get enough. Especially around the holidays. My absolute favorite part about Christmas {besides the cards} is the twinkly shiny everything. Twinkling lights on the tree, shiny ornaments and now, my new favorite Christmas decoration is this mixed metal mirror Duck Tape wreath. What's that you say? This is Duck Tape??? Stop it!!! Yep, it doesn't look like it because it's too busy looking like a million bucks that's why. 

I'm sharing the tutorial with you so that you can add some beautiful sparkle in your home. Plus, this stuff will have your mind running a million miles an hour thinking off all the amazing things you can cover with Duck Mirror

Mixed Metal Mirror Duck Tape Wreath

It's so easy to get started. You don't need many supplies.

You will need:

wreath form {I used a grapevine wreath that was under $5}

Duck Mirror in silver and gold

leaf pattern {I literally copied a leaf onto cardstock and used that as my pattern}

floral wire

You will need a LOT of leaves. I'm thinking somewhere in the neighborhood of around 90 for a full size wreath. 

I started by cutting my floral wire into lengths that are about 4-5" long. Once those were cut, I set them aside so that as I cut my Duck Tape in lengths of about 10" long, I could slip a wire an inch or two inside the bottom of the sticky tape and then fold the tape in half on top of the wire. 

Then I used my leaf pattern to cut out the leaf shape from the Duck Tape. 

Once I had all my leaves made, I took three leaves, mixing colors {one mirrored, two gold or two mirrored one gold...whatever makes you feel fancy!}, and twisted them together in groups at the wire stem.

Then, I took those wire stems and attached them securely onto the grapevine wreath using the twigs to secure them. 

Make sure that all of your leaves go in the same direction as you twist them on your wreath.

I'm loving the new Duck Mirror®  to help me create and add shine to any of my DIY and craft projects. I hear it works well with my electronic cutting machine so that I can cut out my own designs, shapes and letters. That's next on my to do list.


Giulia Dugo said...

This is such a beautiful wreath and a really original idea! Thanks for sharing :)

On the verge said...

I love this! I've wanted to make a wreath using reflective materials and this looks great! How many rolls of tape did you use and what is the diameter of the wreath form? Thanks Rachel and Happy Holidays!

rachelteodoro said...

The amount of rolls of tape you use will depend on the size of your wreath. I am fairly certain I used 5 rolls of tape (3 silver mirror and 2 gold). My wreath form was the largest one you can get at the craft store. Maybe 18 or 24"??? I'd love to see it when you finish. Tag me on social media when you make it and share it or send me an e-mail!

geometry dash said...

Wow! So beautiful! I've wanted to make a wreath using reflective materials and this looks great!

animal jam said...

I like handmade items. It's quite interesting. I will try it.

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