20 Instagram Worthy Walls of Waco, Texas: A Scavenger Hunt for Murals After Visiting Magnolia Market

You all know how much I love Waco, Texas but did you know I also love a good painted mural wall too? I'm kind of obsessed and I've been hunting them down in nearly every town I visit. I love how an otherwise blank wall that could be an eye sore can easily be turned into an artistic backdrop. Last time I was in Waco, I did my best to hunt down every mural wall I could. I know more and more are popping up all the time, {so much so, that I had to send out my son and his girlfriend to find a few!} but this list should keep you busy for a bit and as you check them off, you just might find a new hidden gem you didn't know existed.
20 instagram worthy walls of waco

20 Instagram Worthy Walls of Waco, Texas
mural walls

1. Magnolia Market

601 Webster Ave, Waco, TX
Of course you are stopping at Magnolia Market when you are in Waco {duh!} but don't miss this wall! This wall used to be something you had to walk past when the store first opened, but with a different parking situation now, you may not find yourself on the right side of this hand painted sign. Walk around to the back of the building where the main entrance is and you will find this wall.
20 Instagram Worthy Walls of Waco

2. Silos Baking Co.
Just inside the Magnolia Market bakery, you will find a beautiful white subway tile wall and not really a mural, but a rotating letter board. It's a fun Instagram shot from inside.  Once you step outside you will find another mural on the side of the building, this one with stools lined up ready for your shot.

20 Instagram Worthy Walls of Waco

3. The Findery

501 S. 8th Street, Waco, TX
Just down the street from Magnolia Market, you have to pop into The Findery. It's a cute shop where you will find a little bit of everything including this City with a Soul mural. Located around back, it's the perfect backdrop to let everyone know where you are!
20 Instagram Worthy Walls of Waco

4. My Greatest Find

324 S 6th St, Waco, TX
Another mural within walking distance of the Silos is this beautiful floral mural. On the side of Savage Finds antique shop, this is one of those beautiful murals you don't want to miss!
20 Instagram Worthy Walls of Waco

5. Dear Waco

910 La Salle Ave, Waco, TX
This mural is located on a shop called Shades of Shabby. If you remember, it was one of the shops I recommended in my 20 Places You Should Visit in Waco {thinking beyond Magnolia Market}.
20 Instagram Worthy Walls of Waco

6. Heritage Creamery

1125 S 8th St, Waco, TX
On the back patio of this yummy local ice cream shop, you will find several adorable Instagram worthy signs to take a selfie of with your waffle cone. In the front, you will sometimes find a vintage ice cream truck. While it's not a wall, it's a pretty awesome Instagram backdrop if you are looking for one.
20 Instagram Worthy Walls of Waco

7. Wacotown

214 S. 4th St, Waco, TX

Close to Franklin Ave, you will find this classic Wacotown mural. 

20 Instagram Worthy Walls of Waco

8. Love Your Neighbor

414 S. Franklin, Waco, TX

Right next to the Wacotown mural behind the True Love Bar, you will find this neutral love your city and neighbor wall. 

20 Instagram Worthy Walls of Waco
photo credit: Adam Moore

9. Bold Waco

5th and Franklin
This mural is relatively new in the past year. It's on the side of Barnetts. It's a great addition to downtown Waco.
20 Instagram Worthy Walls of Waco

10. Stone Hearth 

506 Austin Ave, Waco, TX

Step inside Stone Hearth Indian Cafe for not only some good food, but for some great murals.

20 Instagram Worthy Walls of Waco

12. You Look Nice Today

622 Washington Ave, Waco, TX

This bright and colorful mural makes the perfect backdrop for your next picture.

you look nice today walls of waco
photo from Walls of Waco Instagram

13. Twisted Root Burger Co.

801 S 2nd St, Waco, TX

Outside you will find an out of this world mural, inside you can find an old classic Greetings from Waco postcard style mural.

Baylor bears collage, greetings from waco postcard

14. Waco Running Company

700 Franklin Ave, Waco, TX

You aren't going to want to miss this classic looking sign, especially if you are a runner. 

waco running company brick wall mural

15. Hey Sugar

808 Austin Ave, Waco, TX

On this side of this yummy sugar shop with old fashioned candy, ice cream and fun fizzy drinks, you will find this colorful sign. 

hey sugar brick wall colorful mural downtown waco, texas

16. Donut Sun

1924 N Valley Mills Dr. Waco, TX

It's a bit of a drive but it's one of my favorites. On the side of a random Shipley's Donuts, you will find this hidden gem. 

donut sun mural in waco texas on shipleys donuts

17. Grow Strong

300 S 6th St. Waco, TX

This is a new little strip with some cute little shops and eateries. If you consider the parking lot to be the backside, you will find this beautiful tree mural on the front side.

grow strong tree mural in waco, texas

18. Hecho in Waco

300 S 6th St. Waco, TX

On the side of this Mexican restaurant you can find this lovely blue and white mural. 

20 Instagram Worthy Walls of Waco

19. Texas Love

330 Austin Ave, Waco, TX
What's not to love about a big old picture of Texas on the wall?

texas love mural wall

20. Birds Flying

315 University Parks Dr. Waco, TX

The paint is barely dry on this one! Probably the newest mural in Waco, this mural was painted as part of a summer ArtPrenticeship program. Be one of the first to visit these beautiful painted cranes.

20 Instagram Worthy Walls of Waco

You've got a mission now my friends! Find these 20 walls, snap a picture and share away! You could hit all of these in an afternoon and probably find some great new spots to explore as well.
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