Easy Chocolate Croissant Crescent Roll Ups

I try to make most of what we eat from scratch, but there are some prepared items that are just begging to be used. These chocolate croissant crescent roll-ups are not only delicious they are super easy to make. Stock up on the cans of crescents when you see a sale because you are going to want to have these on hand to make whenever you have a chocolate craving! 

pillsbury crescent rolls

Chocolate Croissant Crescent Roll-Ups

Yield: 8
pillsbury crescent rolls

Chocolate Croissant Crescent Roll Ups

These easy to make chocolate croissant rolls ups can be made with your favorite packaged crescent rolls you find in a can. This recipe makes a delicious hack your whole family will enjoy.


1 Can Crescents

12 Ounces Chocolate Chips

½ Cup Powdered Sugar

1 Tablespoon Milk


1.       Roll out your crescents.

2.       Starting at the widest end, sprinkle your chocolate chips all the way down the middle of the crescent, leaving just a slight bit of room on the edges.

3.       Lightly press down on the chocolate chips so they sink into the dough.

4.       Starting at the wider end of the crescent, tuck in the edges and roll the crescent like you normally would.

5.       Bake on a greased cookie sheet for 12 minutes at 350 degrees.

6.       While baking, in a bowl, mix together your powdered sugar and milk.

7.       Remove crescents from oven and immediately drizzle with your sugar mixture.

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pillsbury crescent rolls recipe

pillsbury crescent rolls
You can also play around with what you put inside of these crescent rolls ups. 
Here are some fillings I suggest:
apple pie filling {diced apples with a mix of cinnamon and sugar}
cherry pie filling 
cream cheese filling {whip cream cheese and marshmallow fluff together for a yummy surprise}
nutella filling 

Pillsbury crescent rolls

There are so many variations that this yummy snack could take one, but this chocolate crescent is a good one to start with. They make a quick treat taste mostly homemade and those are some of my favorite baking hacks around!

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You can also play around with what you put inside of these crescent rolls ups.

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