Best Items to Splurge On If You are Generally Frugal

Whether looking for the perfect solution for everyday challenges or just finding the right product that can be game-changing, we often look for the most budget-friendly option when shopping. High-quality items that will last much longer and work better are a no-brainer, so here are some of the areas where we “splurge” and why they save us money in the long run.

splurge on these items if you are normally frugal

Best Items to Splurge On If You are Generally Frugal

best items to splurge on frugal living

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You might get away with cheap shoes if you don’t spend a lot of time on your feet, but if you do, then buying cheap shoes will lead to blisters and foot pain whenever you wear them. Buying quality shoes can be worth the investment upfront because these will last you for years, especially if you care for your shoes well. Quality shoes also reduce foot paint and lead to more comfortable walking experiences.

Kitchen Tools

Whether you love cooking or it’s just a means to an end, when you’re hungry, you want to have tools that will get the job done. Some kitchen tools that I always think are worth the splurge include your everyday essentials such as:

Pots and Pans
Baking Dishes


An area you don’t want to skimp on is your skincare. While cheap products and sales might have you willing to try out a new product, most of them won’t help you achieve your skincare dreams. Investing in quality skincare products will leave your skin looking healthy and hydrated, but they are better equipped to help with your skincare issues. 

And not to mention, good quality skincare will also last longer. It's often more expensive than the drugstore offerings, but since it has high-quality ingredients a little goes a long way!

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I started using this skincare line in my 40s and my skin has never looked better. It helped me reverse a few of my bad habits {I'm a child of the 80s and spent far more time in the sun without sunscreen than I should have!} and it's helped me put my best foot forward as I age gracefully. If you use code rachelt20 at checkout, you can get 20% off!

splurge or save frugal living tips

Toilet Paper

We have all experienced scratchy discomfort from a bad toilet paper roll. This one doesn’t need a lot of explanation. It’s one area in my home that we don’t skimp out on. Having that extra ply can make a difference, and you’ll use less toilet paper to do your dirty work.

FYI: Costco toilet paper in bulk, makes the cut for us. 

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Mattresses and Pillows

These two go hand-in-hand. You should pay a little extra for your own mattress to get something nicer. These will make you sleep better and give you quality sleep night after night for years! A good pillow can help keep your neck and head happy when you sleep, and your mattress will cradle the rest of you, helping you get better sleep and less stress falling asleep.


Splurging on a razor doesn’t have to mean you spend $100 on a razor set. However, your dull cheap razors will leave you with cuts and razor burns every single time. There are a ton of great razors out there that are only a few dollars more and won’t leave you regretting your purchase.

Tools for the Home

As an avid DIYer, I love nothing more than working on a project right at home. However, I also find that while I don’t need professional-grade tools for simple home repairs, cheap tools are more frustration than they’re worth! Go for the one that is both good quality and price.

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While we are always looking for ways to be more frugal as a family, there are some areas that we splurge on. While sometimes those budget-friendly finds can serve our family well, sometimes it’s better to buy the more expensive option. This is why we splurge on the items above in our home.

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