- Rachel Teodoro
$7 shopping trip
I love a good bargain. I know my shopping trip today doesn't qualify as a craft, but man you sort of have to be crafty to get a good deal! The kids have been begging for a taco Tuesday night and I didn't have any pico de gallo on hand. I always make ours but was thinking it might have been cheaper and easier to buy it tonight. Thus, the reason I headed into Safeway this morning. I really just wanted to brag about my finds. Here's a picture of all the yummy goodness I got for only $7!
And here's the list:
1 Whole pineapple, 1 dozen eggs, toilet cleaner, jar of salsa, apple juice, peanut butter, 5 pounds of organic onions, 1 box of organic spinach, ice cream, 1/2 pound of black forest deli ham, french bread, safeway selects minestrone soup,and a bag of tortilla chips

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