I'm not being as crafty as I could be

Hello out there in blog land. I just wanted to check in and let you know I was still around, just not being as crafty as I would like. The kids are knee deep in their sports seasons (indoor soccer, basketball, wrestling, and baseball) and with all of our best planning everything seems to be overlapping and keeping us hopping.

I mentioned in one of my latest posts the hope of selling our house this summer, which came with a lovely visit from our real estate agent and just a little stressing out on my part to start the decluttering and cleaning.

We also leave this week for a ski trip in Whistler with my husband's family. So, smash all that together and you have a busy start of March where I didn't get much time to shower let alone craft anything! So there you have it...all my excuses. There are ribbons in the oven as we speak and I am making hairbows that I hope to share with you early this week.

In the meantime, I am noticing my follower count creeping up more and more everyday and I am flattered. If you are stalking me, and not following me, what's stopping you? Come join me and there may be something good in it for you! Off to sell Girl Scout cookies at Safeway....that is, after my boys get home from prepping the fields for baseball season and I can stop following my youngest around with a barf bucket. Fun times!

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