Hooter hiders

I am a huge breastfeeding advocate. I'm thankful that it came so easily to me and that each of my kids and I were able to have a very nurturing breastfeeding relationship during those first long months (o.k. in our case, years!) of life! Unfortunately, I never discovered the genius idea that is hooter hiders until it was too late. I am not sure my kids would have loved them (the blanket over their head was definitely not their favorite thing!), but for some women, I can see how these are godsends. Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I took the idea and made my own.
I love that there is boning in the neckline so that the parties involved that need to see in, can see in!
Often times I will make a matching burp cloth to go with the hooter hiders. Who doesn't love something matching?!

I even make sure I add the little terrycloth pocket in the corner. I remember the days of breast pads and this is a great place to store them during feeding time. That or, use it for the pacifier, nipple shield, you name it! Plus if your little one spits up or has a little drool you can use the corner to wipe up any small messes! Below you will find a few of my in-stock prints. If you are interested in buying, just let me know. I sell them for $25

Brown flowers

Alexander Henry, pink or mocha

Hawaiian child

Dwell dots

Heidi Grace black and red


Alyssa said...

I make nursing covers too - it blows me away that people pay $40 for the mass produced ones! Do you sew a "square" into the terry pocket, or just leave it as a triangle? I've found that sometimes the straight triangle can catch on things more than when I sew two lines into it (I use a 4x6 index card as a guide) to keep it in place but still hold the nursing pads. (I also use the awesome Alexander Henry pink flower fabric - it's one of my top sellers!)

I also offer covers w/o the terry pocket for $3 less - it saves me a little time in making them and saves others a little money in buying them if they don't think they'll need the pocket.

tymon_56 said...

Hooter hider breastfeeding cover is easy to use and easily washable in machine than trying to hold it into place in feeding and good for using it in open areas.

hooter hider

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