Sewing for someone else

I love checking things off my to do list, but this to do sort of seemed like more of a chore when it really should have been more fun than it was. You see, we are crossing our fingers that my hubby gets that well deserved promotion and raise at work and our hope is that we will sell our home of nearly 10 years and move on. My husband made this window seat for me about 6 years ago and I love it. Mostly because it solved a problem. There was just wasted space before and the bump out in the window was begging for a window seat.

He even made it hinged so I have storage inside for all my craft supplies (well, most of them!). I'm hoping to actually have a room for all those crafty things at our next house. In the meantime though, we are starting to prepare the house to sell, and getting rid of the dingy cover that I made for the window seat when it was first made, was top on the list. I have been searching for a cheap solution because this isn't something I will be able to take with me. So when I came upon a sheet set at Target that I liked today, I snatched it up. $19 for the set seemed more reasonable to me than most of the fabrics I was looking at, and when all was said and done, I only used the pillowcase and the flat sheet to cover the foam and three pillows.
I basically took the flat sheet, measured and made a big pillowcase for the foam.

While I was busy making this and measuring, my four year old got the camera and started taking pictures. At least he got an action shot of me "being crafty" as he said.

Sweet guy even got some time in for a self portrait.

I covered two of the smaller pillows that I had

And a bigger one. Notice that I didn't put all my effort into this project. I literally made everything start to finish in about an hour. I didn't feel like I wanted to work too hard on something I would have to leave behind for someone else. And that, is what I was up to this afternoon...that is, before I went to the library, took the little guy out to Starbucks, hit the produce store and went to the gym to play.


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