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I have jumped on the headband making bandwagon and think that I am going to start selling these bad boys. Only problem is, I need a name.

If you aren't familiar with the bands, they are fitness/sports headbands that are no slip. They have ribbon on one side and velvet (to make them no slip) on the other. I am going to use the name Hot Mess as the main name, but need a name for the actual band itself.
Here are the ideas so far:
Head Banger
Bang Band
Baby Got Band
Gym Chic Band
Slip Ups
Fly Away Band
Hair jackers
Please leave a comment with the name you like best (or even a write in) and the price you would pay for a headband (the retail price for the original sweaty bands is $18) and you may just win yourself a nice new headband!


Amie said...

I def like "head banger" the best! But "hair jackers" is a close second. I would pay up to $10 for one if I were buying.

Tanya said...

I like 'hair jackers''s catchy and goes well with Hot Mess. I'd pay up to $12, but my brain is wired to Canadian funds (=

Wenn said...

I like head bangers a lot :)

Jill said...

There are 2 sizes they make. The size you made they charge $15 and the bigger one is $18. I would love to pay $8 and $10 for the bigger one.

Andrea Hardman said...

I like Slip ups and Hair Jackers. I think I would pay $18 for 2.

joonzeboo said...

mos def head banger. i'd pay the full price $18.

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