Altering a Dress to Make it Fit Your Style

Altering a Dress to Make it Fit Your Style

Earlier this week, I blogged about how happy I was to be "or current resident". I've really been enjoying the inspiration that the catalogs are giving to me.

These three pictures were torn out of the Victoria's Secret catalog as dresses I liked.

Then, I remembered I had this beauty!

I got it at a garage sale for 50 cents a few years ago. It's the wrong length (it hits mid calf) but to me, it looked similar to the dresses I ripped out of the catalog, so I thought I could work with it.

And work with it I did! I took off the bottom half of the dress (nothing fancy, I literally just cut it off!) and was left with this.

Ah, much better!

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Falafel and the Bee said...

I Love that you bought this for fifty cents and made it look adorable!
I am over from Celebrate the Boy and also really love your fishing hole tute.

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