DIY Book Page Eggs

DIY Book Page Eggs

Do you remember my easter egg fail last week?

I posted about it and then threw the eggs away. Well, I didn't my husband did. After some very nice comments from a few readers, I decided to attempt a take 2. So I literally dug them out of the trash as the trash truck was in my neighbors driveway! Talk about a close call.

I took them in and ripped out a few pages from my old Guinness Book of World Records and then mod podged away. I put a few in a galvanized bucket,

And a few in my laundry room inside this nest I bought last year at a garage sale.

So much better than my first attempt! I'm so glad I dug them out of the trash.


Kelley said...

Good job...way to make an omlette out of craked eggs... oh, I cant belive I actually typed that...LOL
Have a great week!

Maria said...

OOO...those are super cute! I made glittered eggs for my first "egg attempt". I need some of these now!

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