How to Clean Your Jetted Tub

Inside: How to clean a jetted jacuzzi tub.

Let me start by saying this is a first world post answering the hard-hitting needs of those of us struggling with how to clean our jetted Jacuzzi tub, which is clearly a first world problem. I feel like there are indeed issues in this world that demand more attention than this, but alas, my home came with a jetted tub and this really is a struggle of mine and perhaps it's a struggle of yours as well.  I really thought I would love having a jetted tub and don't get me wrong it is nice to soak in. But if there is one thing I can say to people who are building trying to decide if they should splurge and get the Jacuzzi, it is don't do it! 

how to clean your jetted tub

I never in a million years would have thought it would be as difficult as it is to keep the tub clean. After five years in our home, I think I have finally found the best way how to clean your jetted tub. So if you are like me and happen to have a jetted tub in your home, read on. This little homemade cleaning solution just might be the trick you need to help you clean your tub.

Why are they so dirty?

So, don't get too grossed out on me, but this is my tub after I run the jets. I actually clean the jetted tub every week, the problem is that the jets have pipes that suck and hold water in them. Those pipes grow mold and hold onto soap scum that blows out the next time you turn on the jets in your tub. Pretty nasty right? Not really what you were hoping for when you decided to soak in a relaxing bath with the intent of getting clean is it.

How to clean a jacuzzi tub

So how do you clean a jetted tub out so that when you run them it doesn't spew out all that nastiness?

How to Clean a Jetted Tub

I've found that if I use a mix of bleach {about a cup full} and a few tablespoons of 20 Mule Team Borax {if you don't have a box of this in your laundry room you better stock up yesterday. It's the best laundry booster in all of the world.} in a full tub of warm water and run the jets for about 10 minutes, it works great at getting in those pipes and flushing out the yuck. Nothing is exact, I just pour the two in together eyeballing about a cup of bleach and a few shakes of the Borax.

Clean your jetted tub

I drain the tub and as the water is being let out of the tub I use a wash rag to clean the side and the bottom of the tub. It doesn't take long for that mold to get hard on the bottom, so make sure you are sweeping it with your rag down the drain with the water. After you clean out your tub of all the gross gunk and the water has drained, fill the tub again with warm water just above the jets.

Run the jets for about 10 more minutes. This time you will be amazed that all of that gunk is cleaned out of the pipes! This little cleaning hack will keep your jetted tub running clean for a few months.

How to clean your tub perfectly

Now that you know how to clean a jetted jacuzzi tub, you can relax knowing that you and your tub are clean as can be! Give it a try and let me know what you think!
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nbarnett said...

How much borax do you use?

T Perry said...

Yeah how much borax to that cup of bleach? you talked about how good it was but failed to mention the amount. Surely you dont mean we need to use the entire box do you?

rachelteodoro said...

You are right, I didn't tell you how much borax! I've updated the post! So sorry about that!

Crawford housewife40+ said...

My problem is that my jet tub is also my shower and since it us not a really deep rub this has to be done every time i wanna take a bath weather i turn on jets or not water always backs up in the pipes and gunk is always needs to be cleaned out. So if we ever build or buy a house THE tub must be separate from shower period..... so frustrated it SUCKED up my wash cloth and pump is ridiculously heavy and hard to get to......

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