25 free or inexpensive things you can give your mom on Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just around the corner. As a mom of three kids that are growing up far too fast, I thought that I would make a list of the top 25 free or inexpensive gifts that you can give your mom on Mother's Day. I promise you, these are all under $10 so they will fit into any budget.  

Honestly, what I had in mind when I wrote this are things that I would appreciate getting from my own kids. Long gone are the days when their teachers helped them create a sweet card or created me an art project in class. My kids are on their own now. This is the perfect list for a teenager or a young twenty something to keep in mind, so make sure you share it with them.

25 free or inexpensive ideas for things you can do for your mom on Mother's Day perfect for the teen or college kid

1. Frame a photo of you and your mom together. You can find cheap frames at the dollar store or Goodwill.
2. Help your mom with a project. Set aside time to help her do something she's always wanted to do. My mom isn't the most computer savvy, so I helped her make her first photo book. Then I watched her do her second. She's since made several on her own and appreciated the hands on tutorial. 
3. Create a photo book. Chatbooks are super easy and only cost $8. You are limited by the amount of pages, so it's best to keep it to a theme {grandkids, recent trip, etc...}.
4. Create a gift basket with your mom's favorite candy. You don't need to go all out, just pick a few items you know she loves. Everything looks better in a basket or tied up in a cello bag.
5. Spend the day with her. Let your mom pick the destination and then go along for the ride. Even if it might not be your choice for the day, do your best to act like it is.
6. Cut some flowers and make an arrangement. You don't need to buy an expensive bouquet {sometimes the best flowers are those you find on the side of the road}, simply put them in a ball jar or take grocery store flowers and rewrap them in brown kraft paper.
25 free or inexpensive ideas for things you can do for your mom on Mother's Day perfect for the teen or college kid
7. Your local big box store often has great plants. Simply find a pot at a thrift shop and you have a great inexpensive house plant.
8. There are so many creative people out there creating free printables. Simply print and frame them at home for a handmade gift. You can find lots of free printables on my printable Pinterest board.
9. If your mom is crafty, consider putting together a basket with some goodies to DIY from the craft store. Don't forget to use your 50% off coupon!
10. Moms love personalized and handmade gifts. These hand stamped necklaces and bracelets cost under $5 to make and can be done in under 20  minutes. 
11. Stick to a color palate or theme. For under $10 you can fill a box of sunshine like this from HappyMoneySaver.com. 
25 free or inexpensive ideas for things you can do for your mom on Mother's Day perfect for the teen or college kid

12. Give your mom her favorite drink. It could be tea or coffee or maybe it's wine, regardless, just knowing that you know what her favorite is will be treasured.

13. Shop your mom's favorite store. Most likely you will find something in your budget {or get inspiration for something that is in your budget at another store} that she will love.

14. Write a note. Write down your favorite memory with your mom or write a line or two about what you appreciate about her. It doesn't take much and is sure to be appreciated.

15. Create a play list. If your mom is a music lover, she might enjoy the hand selected tunes you have picked for her.

16. Wash and clean her car for her. It won't cost you anything if you do it yourself and the time you spend on it will be greatly appreciated.

17. Make a journal or a notebook for her. You can use scrapbook paper or if you sew, you could cover an existing notebook. Both will cost you less than $5.

18. Make her a dinner. I cook nearly every day of the year so it's nice to have one day when I'm not expected to cook. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, but cooking for your mom would be a really sweet gesture.

19. Look around for free events in your area that you think she would like and offer to take her to one. There might be a concert in the park coming up in a few weeks, planning that with her and making the time to go would make her beyond happy.

20. Take on a project that your mom hates. Heck, you may hate it too, but doing it will make her forever grateful. 

21. Do something active together. Go on a bike ride our scout out a local hike.

22. Rent a movie and pop some popcorn and enjoy an evening together. Make sure it's her choice, not yours!

23. Set up a tripod and snap a family picture. You don't need to hire a photographer, just taking the time to be in a picture together that she can share with others will have her beaming. 

24. Visit a local attraction or museum together. Many libraries offer free admission to local museums, all you have to do is check out a pass. Some local attractions are free. Set aside the time to go with your mom.

25. Call her. Like on the phone with your voice. You may not live close enough to your mom to spend the day with her. Simply calling to let her know that you remembered is priceless.

25 free or inexpensive ideas for things you can do for your mom on Mother's Day perfect for the teen or college kid
source: Pavan Trikutam

So there you have it. 25 free or inexpensive ways to show your mom that you care this Mother's Day. Let me know if I missed any. I would love to hear from you.
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