Easy to Make Brass Tie Wrap Bracelet

Bracelets are probably my favorite accessory. I don't know why, but I love having arm candy. A few months ago when I stopped in at Magnolia Market in Waco, one of the things I bought was a brass tie leather bracelet. I loved the simplicity of it and that it could go with any outfit dressed up or dressed down. 

Easy to make brass tie leather wrap bracelet

When I have something that I love, I can't just have one of them, so when I saw the supplies at my local craft store to make my own brass tie wrap bracelet, I picked them up. It took me less than two minutes {seriously} to make this bracelet. Find out how you can make your own.

This bracelet is what inspired me to make my own.

Magnolia Market leather wrap tie bracelet-create a knock off

These are the supplies you will need:

Leather cord
brass blank
measuring tape

I measured out my leather to 32". I have small wrists and this wraps around me five times. You may want it longer if your wrists are bigger.

Then, you simple thread the leather trough the top and across the back and through the other side. Easy as that!

easy to make brass tie wrap leather bracelet

It's a tie bracelet, so you just tie it right on. No clasps to deal with.

These are the two bracelets side by side. The bracelet I picked up at Magnolia Market is on the left. The one I made is on the right. I love it because I could even stack them if I wanted.

My homemade version cost me about $5 to make.

easy to make brass tie wrap leather bracelet

I'm pretty much in love with it. Easy inexpensive jewelry that I make myself is probably one of my favorite things. Step out this spring with some new arm candy!
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