dog bowls

Before we even got a puppy, I got the bowls. Maybe it was a little cart before the horse moment, but I saw them at TJ Maxx and just had to be prepared.

There isn't anything special about them. Just plain old bowls.

I thought for sure I could craft a little something up to make them a little less plain with some big bones from Metal Fetish and my hand stamping supplies, I set to work.

I stamped out the bones

and then got out my super GOOP glue and a clamp and glued the bones on the dish.

I let them dry for about two hours and then put the bowls back down to their normal spot. Of course, Sophie came running! She thought she was getting a little mid morning snack!

She even tried them out!

Bummer! Only water right now. But at least with the new labels we know which dish to put it in.
disclaimer: Nutro sponsored post


Chameleon Girls said...

This is such a great idea, but my little dog will not eat or drink out metal bowls. When she sees herself she takes off running. Silly Dog!

Anonymous said...

Our Henry is the same way. I guess he sees his reflection and won't eat or drink out of them :( but what a cute idea!

Unknown said...

That is so funny! Sophie doesn't seem to mind...but she does hate mirrors...who is that dog in there???!

Just Jaime said...

Cute! Fun idea!

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