Spa Slumber party

Spa Slumber party

My little girl turned 9 this week! It seems like only yesterday she was sucking a pacifier and toddling around with her crazy curls. To celebrate, we had a spa slumber party.

Now, if you have been a reader for a long time, you might think these face mask invitations look familiar. That's cuz they are! But we moved, and there is a whole new crop of girls that were invited to her party, so we thought we could get away with a repeat. PHEW!

As Martha Stewart always says, the tone is set for the party by the invitations, and I think these invitations set the tone. All of the information for the party is printed on the back of the eye mask.

And because not all birthdays fall on the weekend, we took Isabella putt putt golfing on her actual birthday.

As we prepared for the party, I got my trusty old rooster out to shout "Happy Birthday" to the birthday girl.

Did you see that sweet little cupcake card? My five year old made that for his sister on the Silhouette machine. Yep, even a five year old can use it!

We started our evening out with make your own pizzas.

Made some peppermint foot soak salts to take home

Crafted some flower hairbows (I was in charge of the hot glue...that stuff is hot!)

And relaxed with some mud masks

and a little foot soak in the bubble tub.

Each girl went home with a spa gift basket. Keep your eyes peeled for more details on those later this week.

There wasn't a whole lot of sleeping going on, but I think all of the girls had a relaxing time!

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