Fences make the best neighbors

We moved into our new home the week before Christmas. The day after Christmas we picked up our sweet puppy Sophie. Needless to say, it was a crazy few months around here!

Our new home did not have a fence and we quickly realized that not having a fence and having a dog was going to be an issue.

Our neighborhood has strict requirements on the type of fence that was allowed. My husband joked that the vinyl fence (that was the only type that was allowed) was so expensive that it had to have been made out of unicorn tears and tiger blood.

But after some not so enjoyable encounters with some neighbors who were less than thrilled to have Sophie running in their grass, we gulped down the expense and set to work getting bids.

The fence starting going up on two of the nicest days that month and we were thrilled!

We are now ready to test the old theory that a "good fence makes a good neighbor".

And as we test the theory, we are all happy to just be able to open up the back door and let Sophie do her business and enjoy the room to run.

And speaking of room to run...check out one of Sophie's favorite past times...chasing soccer balls. We've played soccer a few times in our newly fenced backyard and are so happy that we don't have to drive to the local ball field to kick a ball with her anymore!
Disclaimer: Nutro sponsored post, 100% my own opinions.

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