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We just moved into our home this past December, then decided to make life crazier by getting a puppy.  Not just any puppy, a plant eating puppy!  The few plants that were planted by the previous homeowners were quickly eaten by a teething puppy and we were on the fence about landscaping any part of our yard until our sweet Sophie pup outgrew that phase.  Thankfully, waiting also allowed us to see if the previous owners had planted any bulbs (they hadn't) so when fall rolled around, I got excited to plant my favorite kind of plant, bulbs.

I love bulbs.  You can put minimal effort into them (dig, drop, done!), forget about them and then come spring time you get a sweet surprise as the new blooms pop up out of the ground.  As I was planning what to plant I visited lots of landscaping sites, but none was as easy to naviagate as Dig Drop Done.

I can easily relate to Marcy the super mom.  

With three kids of my own, I would rather be spending time with them, then spending time in the yard.  I'm definitely no expert when it comes to gardening, but I am finding that gardening is pretty forgiving and the end result is well worth the wait, whether it's waiting for the bulbs to bloom or the plants to grow and fill in.

The Dig Drop Done website also has some wonderful tips for forcing your bulbs so that you can make a beautiful hostess gift, perfect for all of those holiday parties coming up or for holiday decorations. Why not bring the flowers inside to you during those dreary winter months?

Just last week I picked up a huge bag of 90 bulbs at Costco for less than $20.  I was so excited to come home and plant them around the yard.  But because my attention span is so short, I nearly forgot I planted them and in just a few shorts months, I'm really going to forget that I planted them!  I am looking forward to them pushing through the cold ground in April and seeing what they will all look like as they compliment the rest of my landscaping.

Want to know what kind of bulbs to plant in your yard?  Head over to Curbside Chaos and try out their Garden Guru to find the perfect bulbs for your part of the country.  I did, and this is what it told me to plant:



Daffodils - spring incarnate!


Steps for better growth

  • Start with firm, plump daffodil bulbs, free from cuts, bruises or mold. Plant in Fall (Sept 23-Dec 22), when soil has cooled off.
  • Using a spade, dig a hole 3-6 inches deep and place the bulb pointed end up.
  • Cover and lightly pack soil, then water thoroughly- and you’re done!

Tips: In areas with mild winters, plant later and chill your bulbs up to 8 weeks prior to planting. Plant in a sunny or partially shaded area. Space your bulbs 2-4 inches apart.


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Does your yard need more help than just a few bulbs?  Visit Curbside Chaos to enter a picture of your yard and fingers crossed, maybe your yard will win the $5000 yard makeover with help from Taniya Nayak.


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