More Randomness

I could probably eat my body weight in Sixlets.

I think the fact that they are a candy that is hard to find in stores makes them that much more desirable to me. Darn those Canadian candy manufacturers.

I have 6 burners on my Viking gas range.

I always use my front right burner. I think the other burners may be jealous.

I love Lucy.
It's hard to find good workout gear. It's the one clothing item I splurge on, and by splurge I mean when it's on clearance with a coupon code! I bought the shirt above and the pants below.
I bought them on a Thursday morning and they arrived (with regular shipping) the very next day. Can you say awesome? Love them!

I hate the texture of sandpaper.

Just touching it makes me gag. Same with chalk.

I think apple peel and peach skin come in next for the worst textures.

I peel both before I eat them (fiber shmiber).

What's random with you today?

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