The fridge-a peek inside

I love to see how other people live. I love open houses and when I was a teenager, I used to love to babysit so I could get a special peek inside in all the nooks and crannies. So because I love it so much, I thought you might too. So I am giving you a special look inside my fridge.

I heard Bob Harper from The Biggest Loser say that the majority of the items in your fridge should only last for 2 weeks. I think we do a pretty good job of this. Remember my obsession with honeycrisp apples?

I love red peppers and always have carrots, celery and onions on hand for making soup.

During the summer months (so sad we are nearing an end of the season!) we always have watermelon in the fridge. My favorite!

Eggs are a staple. My husband eats a hard boiled egg nearly every morning.

I don't love juice for the kids, but since my youngest has a dairy/soy intolerance, I keep some on hand. And of course, "special juice" for mama in the back.

Since we have taco Tuesday almost every week, tortillas are a staple.

We spend around $450 a month on groceries. I'm not one of those people who thinks that just because you are on a budget you can't eat well. I know there is a misconception that eating well is expensive. I shop locally and buy in season and of course, shop with coupons on top of sales.

So how full is your fridge? What's your favorite thing in it?

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