Short on Time? Try TRESemme dry shampoo

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Every weekday morning EXCEPT Friday, I go to the gym to work out. I get super sweaty before most of you are even out of bed. But on Friday, my hubs has to leave for work early so I get to sleep in (is sleeping until 6:40 am considered sleeping in?). Because I work out in the mornings, I don't have the luxury of skipping a shower or not washing my hair except (wait for it) on Friday. So guess what? Friday is my sleep in no shower day. Woohoo! Some days spending the time drying and styling my hair seems like such a waste.
Guess what I reach for on my sleep in no shower day? That's right dry shampoo.
My stylist told me all about dry shampoo and how it's good to not wash your hair everyday. She tried to get me to buy the expensive beauty salon brand that they carried for like a zillion dollars. I was not sold. But I did love the idea of being able to make my hair less oily (and lets be honest, less stinky) on the days that I didn't wash it.
I knew there had to be a great salon quality product out there that I could pick up at my local drugstore for WAY less. And guess what? There is!
TRESemmé Fresh Start Dry Shampoo
TRESemme has a great line of dry shampoos including
Strengthening dry
shampoo (the kind I use)
Smoothing dry
Waterless foam shampoo
I've been using dry shampoo for about six months now and here are some how to use tips on getting the best results.
-Shake the can before and during use (just like your trusty can of spray paint)
-lift at the roots and spray lightly
-hold the can 8-12 inches from your head
-don't use it like hairspray
-let it sit for 1-2 minutes
-use your fingers or a brush to distribute the product through your hair
TRESemme smells so great and soaks up all of that excess oil that no one would even know that you skipped washing your hair that day. So go ahead, skip that hair washing and save some time in your day!

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