making your own adjustable ring base tutorial

making your own adjustable ring base tutorial

 Two weeks ago, Snowmaggedon hit.  It looked like this at my house.

Thousands of people were without power, thankfully we had power, but we were without internet/cable/phone for several days.

Once the snow/ice started to melt, we finally braved the nearest town center and looked like this.

What can I say, we were totally feeling cabin fever.

I had been asked to lead a middle school girls youth group event that Sunday and while I thought I had a week to prepare and get supplies, it ended up snowing and leaving me housebound for the whole week.

Part of our event was going to include making felt flowers to put on rings like this one.

However, I ended up not being able to make it to the store to pick up ring bases, so I made (*) some of my own.

When we finally did make it out to the store, we didn't make it far and ended up at our local Ace Hardware.
Did you know they carried wire you can use to make jewelry with?

I settled on this 20 gauge steel wire that was $5.99 for 175 feet.

Before our internet went out, I stumbled upon this tutorial.  However, by the time I needed the tutorial I couldn't access it so I was left trying to remember the steps.  You can refer to this great tutorial here or follow along with me right here.

1. cut your wire about 8 inches long and start bending one end
2. continue to bend your wire making a tight spiral
3. once your spiral is finished, crimp the end
4. hold the spiral in place while you bend the wire around the back side of something round (I used a lipstick tube)
5. once your wire is all the way around, bend the wire back 
6. wrap the wire back around your round something
7. pull your wire around and make the ring round shaping before you cut
8. cut the wire just slightly over where it meets the spiral
9. bend the end over your spiral and crimp into place making sure you don't have any sharp ends
10. enjoy!

*Guess who was better at making rings than I was?
Yep, my handy husband.

So he made a bunch for me

You could wear the ring the way that it is, or you can glue something on to the spiral like this felt rose.

Remember how my handy husband isn't just handy, he's also freakishly good at math?
Well, I had him do the math and find out how much each ring costs to make.
You need 8" of wire for each ring, and there is 175 feet of wire, so each ring ends up costing you about
(wait for it)
2 cents

Not too shabby!


Artsy VaVa said...

That's great! I never thought to make my own ring bases.
The pics of the iced over trees are beautiful. Everything here in Georgia is confused. The daffodils are blooming and the trees are starting to put out new leaves. I'm afraid they are going to be shocked soon...I hope not though!

Anonymous said...

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Katja said...

Oh these rings are just beautyful! What a great idea. Just think of some wire that must be somewhere in our basement... have to try it out!

OrangeHeroMama said...

Those are absolutely AWESOME!!

Homemade Heather said...

Smart!! Love that your hubs was making them for you too! Too cute! TFS!

Lindsey said...

Very clever! Now I only need the patience to make these... :)

Visiting from:

simona said...

love this! great idea, thanks. i do a lot of wire art but have not made a ring base like thais yet. i always get so excited when i learn something new!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, great tutorial! Thanks!

Carrie said...

Great tutorial!! Thanks so much...I've been thinking about this lately and wondering how to do it! Now I know! Thanks again...pinning it for later!

Katie said...

This is awesome! I would love for you to share with Blog Stalking Thursday Link Party!

Anonymous said...

they look great!thanks for sharing!

1CardCreator said...

So you shared your 2 cents worth, lol. Looks really cute!

Carol, The Answer Is Chocolate said...

Necessity ( and Snowmageddon ) is really the mother of invention. I don't miss the snow ( or the power outages) but sometimes things force us to help our creativity along and this led to a genius idea!!

Kellie said...

These are TERRIFIC! I love them and many thanks for sharing :)

FLO said...

I like your tutoriel Rachel

Andaira said...

Felicidades, a mi me ha gustado mucho tu anillo....y el tutorial
Gracias por compartir/Congratulations to me I liked your ring .... and your tutorial
Thanks for sharing

vailie said...

What a clever tutorial! I think that I'll make a banch for me too!!!;o)

JoAnn SweetPepperRose said...

super cool and cute idea. thanks for posting this and the original link :)

Cat said...

These are very cute! What a great idea!

However, PLEASE, please, please do not ever use galvanized steel to make jewelry. It contains zinc and can give off fumes that can make you very sick.

You can buy craft wire very inexpensively at any hobby store (Michaels, JoAnns, etc) so please use that instead.

clubpenguin said...

Hi, just thought I'd let you know that the wire you are using can be harmful, and has been linked to cancer and other reproductive problems. I hope that you figured this out and did not use these, but, if not, you should not ever use it again. When I first started out making jewelry, I was about 12, and I found this at ACE and and bought it, but soon read the label more closely, and threw all I had got out. Read the label more closely next time please!

-Hay Hay

Illy said...

Thank you so much for sharing! This is a great party favor for the kids too! I am really enjoying your blog site! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

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