60th birthday party

My mother in law celebrated her 60th birthday this week.

We planned a fancy dinner with the whole family 
Here is the birthday girl with all of her grand kids

We also got to celebrate Great Grandma's 85th birthday
Aren't they cute?!

Since we were celebrating at a fancy restaurant
there wasn't too much decorating to be done
but I did want to make a few special things to commemorate her special day.

I scanned in a few pictures of the birthday girl when she was around the same ages as the grand kids
Then I mounted the pictures on plain balloons

I also used Jones Design Company's party hat template
I resized a few of the scanned pictures
then printed them on cardstock
and embellished the hats for a fun party table addition

Nothing says birthday party like playing tic tac toe before ordering your food

Happy 60th birthday Carol!

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Unknown said...

Looks like you had a great time!! I love the photos on the balloons...great idea!!

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