Classroom Valentine's Round up

We finish with one holiday and are quickly moving on to the next. 
I like to make the kids Valentine's for their classes every year, and I know a lot of you do to.
If you follow me on Pinterest, you will know that I have been pinning some classroom Valentine ideas.
I like to choose cheap and easy Valentine's that can be mass produced for about 25 students.
I thought I would share some of the ones I found with you today.
Martha Stewart has these candy dot hearts that seem like a snap to pull together.
The Coterie blog has these cute sucker Valentine's.
You could easily make the tags in your Silhouette SD software or on Picmonkey
cole's valentine
These little matchbox Valentine's from inchmark are super cute.
Who doesn't love a little present to open?

This little Valentine is super cute.
And I have the typewriter file in my Silhouette library already.
I'm thinking this would be perfect for my 5th grader.
I made these years ago for my son when he was in pre-school.
It's an oldie but a goodie from Jolly Lollies.
Jolly Lollies
A Small Snippet provides the free bag topper for these pop rocks Valentine's.
I'm kind of a big fan of these pirate Valentine's.
They are free from Mer Mag.  All you have to do is cut out the felt heart and sew it on.
These Valentine envelopes from Nest of Posies would be adorable if you didn't have to make a zillion of them!  They would be great if you had a small class, or fun to make just for your own kids.

I love a clever Valentine that doesn't need candy to make it awesome.
These Rebus Valentine's found free on Martha Stewart are pretty cool.
Again, no candy needed!
Love these {and don't even have to change the name for my Owen!}
from dandee
dandee has lots of fun Valentine's day ideas.
Love this magnifying glass
these friendship bracelets are pretty fun Valentine's too.  Also from dandee.
A Creative Cookie made cute monster covers for little nerds packets.
These goldfish crackers would be fun for the pre-school crowd.
You can see the full tutorial at Backless Shirt
Stitch/Craft offers up these free Lego Valentine's.
Just add the glow stick and you are set!
If I had been thinking ahead, I would have stocked up on 1 cent rulers at back to school time.
These are another great non-candy Valentine that comes in handy.
Go to Thompson and Spring for the details.
DIY Valentine
I made these felt mustaches and cards for my son last year.
and these were the Valentine's my daughter gave last year.
Love the bookmark idea for the older kids.
from 30 days
And for your {bigger} Valentine, don't miss out on this free coffee cup printable 
from eat, drink, chic
Did you get any ideas for your Valentine's?
Which is your favorite?


Craftcherry said...

I've always loved the I Dig You idea. The Have a Ball might be perfect for our Mommy and My group though. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas!

Erin said...

Now that chase is in preschool, how will I ever decide?! They are all too cute! I lean towards a non-candy option. Last year I made heart shaped crayons that said "be my valentine for crayon out loud" - might make those again! :) great post!

Unknown said...

Erin - How did you do the heart shaped crayon?

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