Feather headband tutorial

My sweet peanut girl loves to wear headbands.

So when Wholeport offered to let me pick a few things from their shop, I immediately thought that I wanted to try to make my own feather headband for my daughter.

I found this feather in the shop

and I found this headband at the Dollar Store.
My daughter is a little picky about the headbands, which is why we went with this fabric covered one instead of the 3 pack that was WAY cheaper!

I ripped off the purple flower so we could start from scratch.

Here are the items that I used for her headband:

headband {from the dollar store}
2 feathers {one from JoAnn's, the other from wholeport}
 a large rectangle of black felt
glue gun

I started by gluing the large feather on to the headband and pressing it firmly in place.

I wanted to add some dimension, so I found a complimentary feather and glued that one down on top of the base layer feather.

To hold everything in place, I took the black piece of felt and glued that behind the feather, pinning the headband inside.

The whole thing took me less than 5 minutes to make and I think it's adorable!
The first day she wore it she got so many compliments!

I sometimes feel limited with the craft store selection around my house, but knowing that I can buy so many great items from wholeport, I am not feeling quite so limited any more.
And they have great prices!
Thank you wholeport for sending me some things to play with.
It was fun!


Tina Pippo said...

Wonderful tutorial! I loved the outcome!
Great post!! I included it in my post Βόλτα στη Γειτονιά #25 :)
Have a great week!!

Christine said...

Absolutely wonderful!!!!

Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality! I can't wait to see what you link up tomorrow evening!

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