What's in my cart at the Dollar Store

Since I wrote my What Not to Buy at the Dollar Store post a year ago, 
I've become something of an expert on what to buy when you shop there.
Friends stop me almost every week asking me if the Dollar Store carries an item that they are looking for.
I think the only way I could be more informed about the stock at the Dollar Store is if I were a paid employee!

That said, I thought it would be fun to start a series called
What's in my Cart at the Dollar Store

We are just a week away from Easter, and when there is a holiday, I am usually picking up a few things at the Dollar Store.

This week, I grabbed a few things to stick in the kids Easter baskets.
To see my list on other baby/toy items to buy {or not to buy} see here.
I love these cheap science kits.
I've actually seen them in stores for $7.99 each!
The sticky tumbler and super balloon balls just looked fun.
The basket stuffers were eggs that actually cracked and hatched either a chicken or a duck.
After a recent trip to a feed supply store, my kids have been begging for real life poultry. 
This is as close as they will come!

I picked up some of my son's favorite candy for his basket.
He loves anything sour.

This is the first time I have seen food coloring at the Dollar Store.
You can't screw up food coloring {can you??}
so I thought I would give it a shot.
We will use it when we color Easter eggs.
My son also loves to have colored water when he takes a bath.
I add a few drops of food coloring to the tub and he loves it!

I'm working on a project and needed some reinforcement tabs.

My oldest son's friend has just achieved the rank of Eagle Scout.
We will be celebrating his accomplishment this weekend.
I picked up a Congratulations card for him.

I am gathering snack supplies for a long car trip we will be taking.
I picked up pretzel sticks, {my husband's favorite} white cheddar popcorn and the kids favorite fruit gushers {which I am sure have no fruit in them}.
The last time I was in Mexico I stocked up on real Vanilla {it's a steal there!}
but alas, I am out.  So I got some vanilla extract too.

So, those were the things in my cart at the Dollar Store this week.
What was in your cart?


NaDell said...

Those little Kleenex packages, padded envelopes, and pretzels (we LOVE the big honey braided twist kind!) are all on my list for the week. I think I'll have to go sometime without the kids so I can help the Easter Bunny out. =)

Rey said...

Oh gosh you have had me howling with laughter as I reading through your posts (dollar store grab-ems & leave-ems in particular)! I am totally going to my local $store(s) to take some photos of my own & write my own blog post (something I've been meaning to get on for some time now). Thank you for the laughs & the inspiration!

Peace & Love & Light to you & yours,

P.S. My teen daughter recommends: avoid the page-reinforcements!!! (She still talks about the 'cheap' ones compared to the not-as-inexpensive ones THREE YEARS AFTER THE FACT!! They MUST have been bad!)

mms85 said...

Dollar store mac-n-cheese, 1/2 the price of even store brand at other stores, same taste as Velveeta. There is a little less in the box so if you are making mac-n-cheese for more than 3 people go ahead and buy 2 boxes.

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