I'm off and running again and have some Merrell shoes for training

If you have been reading along with my blog for long enough, you would know that I run, but don't call myself a runner.  I've never embraced the title of runner even though I have trained for and completed numerous 5k's and three half marathons. 

I even went as far as to write a post about how I was hanging up my running shoes...for a little while.
When I turned 30, I celebrated my birthday by participating in my first official 5k race.
Each year, I like to celebrate turning one year older by participating in some type of athletic event during my birthday month of September.
I didn't do that last year, and I sort of missed it.

This year, I am turning 35.
Sort of a milestone birthday.
I'm hitting my mid 30's and decided to sign up and train for half marathon number four.

The good people at Merrell heard about how I was celebrating my birthday, and offered me a new pair of running shoes to help get me inspired to train for this big event.

I had no idea that Merrell had so many athletic shoes to choose from!
It was a hard decision with so many fantastic designs that don't just look good, but that perform well also.

I ultimately settled on the Road Glove Dash 2 in grey and pink.
Aren't they cute?!
I'm sure at this point we have all heard or seen the shoes that are part of the barefoot collection.
The shoes that look like toes are less my style, but these look like normal running shoes, but with the benefits of barefoot running.

Merrell Road Glove Dash 2 Grey/Pink
What are some of the benefits of barefoot running you might ask?
The Merrell Barefoot collection (found here) allows the feet to discover a more natural stride and gait, and encourages a lower impact midfoot landing.  They are designed to engage the feet efficiently, avoid injury, improve alignment and strengthen the body's core.  These super light shoes (6 oz) stimulate the senses and increase quickness and agility. 

Are you sold?  Because I was!
That sounds like everything I want in a running shoe.

I've had a few opportunities to take them out to the track for a test drive.

They are so light, comfortable and easy to run in.

Merrell has more than just running shoes.
They also have tons of mens, womens and children's shoes for anything you need.
And Merrell stays true to comfort without compromising style, even in their everyday shoes, boots and sandals. 
You can shop Merrell here.
Let's start training!

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