The Story of Us- 16 years later

Because I hate Valentine's day and all of the hype that goes into it, my husband and I decided early on in our marriage to celebrate our dating anniversary instead.
We started dating on February 27, 1997 after we met through mutual friends and attended our first sorority/fraternity event together.
Because I was knee deep in my 3rd blogiversary giveaway, I didn't get to take time to share the story of us, but I wanted to give you a little glimpse into what a wonderful husband and partner I have to share my life with.
In celebration of our 10th dating anniversary {6 years ago}, my not very romantic husband {he's an engineer, what can I say?!}, presented me with a very thoughtful book that he called "The Story of Us".
Since then, he's added another 5 years to that book, and while the fairy tale story that he has written to include with the pictures and the book have many {many} inside jokes and include many allusions that most won't get or understand, I will still share it with you, because it's a book that I very much treasure.
So here it is.  The Story of Us, written by my {dreamy} husband.
Hands off.  He's taken!

The story of these years are merely a glimpse into the charmed past of Mike and Rachel, and but a preview of their future together. Their greatest years truly lay ahead of them, and this storyteller eagerly anticipates the day when the opportunity to recount the tale of their coming years arrives.

Isn't that a lovely story?!
It's the story of us.
I look forward to many more chapters!


Tamara said...

Rachel, that is awesome!! You definitely have a keeper:-)

DownTheLaneWithDaisy said...

I read that whole story and am getting weepy, but a happy weepy! Just beautiful.

Anna at said...

Wow!!! Such a beautiful story and a beautiful family!!

Unknown said...

I read the whole thing, also, and I loved seeing the transformations of everyone. It was so sweet of him to put all of it together, and you guys look like an awesome family!

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