10 minute skirt from a dress I paid for by the pound!

On Monday I shared with you my latest thrift shop excursion.
One of the stops on our shopping trip was to the Goodwill Outlet.
If you aren't familiar with the Goodwill Outlet, 
it's the final attempt at selling donated goods at Goodwill.
Most of the items are priced by the pound.
There are no fitting rooms or mirrors,
 so you sometimes end up with items that don't fit or don't look right.
You may like the feel of a fabric, the look or the brand, 
either way, you are usually taking a gamble.
When I gambled on a grey and black striped dress
{I thought it would be cute with leggings, boots and a sweater}
I ended up losing out on the dress but I won when I made this easy 10 minute skirt!
This is the dress.
It had an empire waist with elastic, which actually ended up giving me more fabric for the skirt to work with.

I started by detaching the top from the dress bottom and cut just below the elastic on the top.

I folded the top over to make the casing for a waistband and to shorten the skirt to an appropriate length.

I pinned the fabric down when I had a consistent spacing all along the top.
I just eyeballed this measurement, but if you want, you can use a hem gauge.

I sewed around the waistband leaving enough room for my elastic and also leaving a small opening for me to thread my elastic.

I got out my elastic, measured it around my waist and cut the length I needed.
I used a safety pin to help me thread the elastic through my skirt waistband.
This step probably takes the longest, and really, it doesn't take that long!

One the elastic is in place, sew your elastic together and then stitch the hole closed that you left open in your waistband.

 The skirt literally took me 10 minutes from start to finish!

Check out that scarf.
Does it look familiar?
It should!

It was the infinity scarf that I showed you on Wednesday that I made from a twin sheet.

Do you ever remake your clothes?
Take ill fitting to awesome?
I want to hear about it!

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