Making a Chevron Bulletin Board

It's been far longer than I would like to admit that I have been working on my son's vintage airplane room.
I recently learned about Frog Tape shape tape and was inspired to create this chevron bulletin board for his room.  
 These pre-cut patterns help cut the time of your next DIY project in half!  I'm excited to show you how I made this cork board and can't wait to tell you how easy and awesome it was to make.

I can't seem to pass up cork boards at garage sales.

I picked this one up for $1 but you can get cork boards at many local stores for under $10.
Wal-Mart sells them, so while you are picking up your Shape Tape (also available at Lowe's and Menards) you can pick up a bulletin board.

I laid the shape tape on the cork board and cut the length that I needed.

I eyeballed a pattern on the cork board and decided on spacing
and removed one half of the tape on the back of the shape tape™.
Once the tape was in place, I removed the other side of the tape as well.
Press the tape down with your fingers.

I used a flat scraper to smooth out and seal the tape to the board.
The great thing about shape tape™ is that it is treated with the patented PaintBlock® technology, a super absorbent polymer that reacts with the water in latex paint and instantly gels to create a micro-barrier that seals the tapes edges preventing bleeding and giving you sharp crisp lines.
I painted the whole board and let the paint dry for 24 hours before removing the tape.
Look how clean and crisp those lines are!
That PaintBlock is some awesome stuff!
I am so happy with how this board turned out!

The shape tape® was so easy to use.  I've always loved the chevron trend but was always intimidated by trying to do it on my own.  I'm not great at measuring and seriously, there was no way I would have gotten the same results with any normal painters tape.  There was no guess work.  Just cut the tape, peel off the back, press the tape in place and paint.  That's it!
The possibilities are endless with Frog Tape® shape tape™. 
Watch this video and be inspired!

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